Every Product Needs an Unique Selling Position – The Best Way to Create Yours

One of the secrets to convincing people to purchase your product is to introduce an unique selling proposition, something that convinces them that your product is different and superior. Every customer that buys your product will do so because they felt something was different about it, so why not put all your focus on making this USP stronger? What makes the USP so critical is that it enhances the power of all your other marketing techniques and helps your business grow more rapidly.

Save Time for People – Nowadays, people are busy with their day to day lives; things aren’t as they used to be. The familiar expression, “time is money” is more true now than ever before. Since everybody needs more time, you should focus on showing your prospects how your product will help them save time.

This will help you not only create an USP out of it, but at the same time give your prospects a reason to look into your product, in-depth. If your prospects can see how your product can save time for them, you’ve found an USP that’s hard to beat. Understand Your Weaknesses: All products have weaknesses because there’s no such thing as a perfect product. You need to understand where your product might be lacking so do everything you can to understand your weaknesses. This helps you get a crystal clear idea about what you need to make better so that you can bring out the USP even more. It is very important to know where you are weak as well as where you are strong so that you can better serve your clients.

The Power of Specializing: There’s a trend today of marketers trying to act like their products can help everybody. In the attempt to create a product that will please everyone, they tack on so many features that the information becomes almost impossible to absorb. This makes the end result bulky and ugly, and highly confusing; it gives you an opportunity to do the opposite and offer a targeted solution that is tailored for your market. Your aim isn’t to give everything in your product, but rather offer a real solution that solves a specific problem. By taking an approach that’s completely different from that of your competition, you can outsmart them.

So if you want to reach out to more of your target audience and build your company’s brand recognition, one of the best ways to do this is to find an USP for your product. There are a number of areas that you will have to focus on if you want to bring out the best USP for your product, but to start off, just go with the biggest advantage it has to offer. You may want to alter or make improvements on your USP sometime, but work with what you have now.

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