Flutter Tutorial : Installing flutter on Windows 10

Watch this video if you want to learn how to setup Flutter, Android Studio and Microsoft Visual Studio Code for development. This will come in handy if you are hoping to become an Android or iOS app developer. This tutorial shows your how to install Flutter 1.0, Android Studio and Visual Studio Code on Microsoft Windows 10 as well as creating an AVD (Android Virtual Device)

Flutter is an open-source app development SDK for both Android and iOS made by Google. Flutter is great if you want to make Android and iOS versions of your app without having to have 2 developer teams (For Android and iOS)

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19 thoughts on “Flutter Tutorial : Installing flutter on Windows 10”

  1. can i have your email id or phone no so that i can contact u… i need help in installation and also i have a big project to work on and i needed some help

  2. sir i am currently on Windows 7 and while adding environmental varibale when i click on edit i don't get an option for new..what should i do now

  3. I have a error while installing flutter error say filesystem escapetion written form failed , path= c/user/amit/documents/flutter/version

    (Os error=asscess is denied,error=5)

    Will plz help me out.

  4. For AR android app development in flutter, is vscode editor is enough? . I am on windows 10 G2020 processor and 8gb ddr3 ram

  5. Thank you!! Maybe, you should mention how to Install plugins (Flutter/Dart) on AS and link dart on VSC. For the rest was clear!

  6. I have a question. My Android Studio keeps telling me that I need Intel HAXM to run a virtual device ,and it offers me to install it, but whenever I try to do it, it cancels. Do you know why this happens?

  7. If anybody if facing problem like " Flutter and Dart plugins not installed " refer to this link..https://flutter.dev/docs/get-started/editor?tab=androidstudio

  8. Awesome video – any chance you have any links or info on how to emulate ios mobile on windows? Presumably it needs a mac OS but I couldnt find any decent links online – they all seemed fairly dodge


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