Full Stack App from Scratch – Architecting Your Software Stack – 01

First video in building a full stack application with mobile applications. We’ll talk about micro services, implementing a modern server architecture, JHipster, UML diagrams, Amazon AWS, Docker, API design, analytics and much much more!

Part 2 of the series on building a full stack application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RZIinDjPf0o&index=2&t=1s&list=PLP8n25bNfkdcGTINO2ZJXnzvMGK3nm3zY

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25 thoughts on “Full Stack App from Scratch – Architecting Your Software Stack – 01”

  1. I thaugh for a long time material like this was not given for free…. you are doing an incredible job with this, guiding people in coun tries where the knowledge to do the things the right way is so vage…. thank you, thank you so much for share your experience….. keep the extraordinary vocation of teach… I'm a devote follower of good persons like you…

  2. Great tutorial, keep going!
    In fact there could be separate detailed tutorials about jhipster microservices. I would appreciate it.

  3. Thanx for that video! I looking for some easy begining path to learn java web application and here it is!!! it`s so cool! Thank you from Russia!

  4. I am very much looking forward to this series. Your introduction video is very thorough. I have subscribed to your channel and it looks like I just may be subscriber 1,337 which is rather cool. Looking forward to future videos. And thank you for doing all this hard work for us to learn from.

  5. As a software engineer, I believe this tutorial, Full Stack Application from Scratch – Architecting Your Software Stack is the most valuable one in your channel. Learning Android API, Swift API, or any other API is good but won't make you a master, a chef!
    I like the diagram you designed. Thank you for the tutorial, looking forward to watching the rest of the series and learn more.


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