Game Maker Tutorial: Build Your First Platform Game!

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Build your very first platform game using Game Maker Studio: Free in less than half in only 20 minutes.
[NOTE] There is one small bit of missing code that I forgot to put into the video. After you complete the tutorial just be sure to put this small code at the very end of the code inside the step event: platform_corner_check();

Here is the link for the collision script:

20 thoughts on “Game Maker Tutorial: Build Your First Platform Game!”

  1. i did this all but my player keeps moving on random x directions, maybe a problem with the gravity or the collision fiction or the friction, but idk can u help me ?(birdc is because my player can transform into a bird)
    if (place_free(x,y+1)) && (birdc == 0){

    gravity = 0.5;


    gravity = 0;

    if (!keyboard_check(ord("A"))) && (!keyboard_check(ord("D"))){




    obs my player has 44×47

  2. i cant fix this



    action number 1

    of Step Event

    for object obj_player:

    COMPILATION ERROR in code action

    Error in code at line 18:

    if(!keyboard_check(vk_left)) && !keyboard_check(vk_right)) {


    at position 67: Unexpected symbol in expression.

  3. No, dark's Studio's default theme. White is the theme for all legacy versions (including the legacy Windows).

  4. Really cool, thanks for the help. You explained that so well that even I understood a bit of programming. And I have no previous experience.


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