Garment Racks Give Retail Clothing Stores a Personality

Garment racks are a fixture in retail stores worldwide. But not all retailers realize the close relationship between their garment rack layout and the personality and feel of the store. Everything each customer sees and experiences within the store contributes to the overall impression she will carry with her, and will certainly influence her likelihood of returning. So the positioning of garment racks and your ability to use them effectively are very important in successful store management.

The usage and layout of garment racks within your store speaks volumes to your customers and contributes to their overall experience as a shopper. That being the case, retailers need to put more thought into how clothing is displayed and what the collective projected personality of the store is as a result.

Store owners should consider mixing a variety of racks into their store design, but cautions against having too much variation in materials or appearance. In other words, a square rack used for displaying shirts could work fine near a circular necktie rack. However, they should carry the same appearance as far as color and materials are concerned.

It is also important to think about your clothing racks beyond aesthetics. Consider the space you have to work with, and mix and match racks that will allow you to do the most good within that space.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind when thinking about your garment rack needs:

Reinforce your Brand: If you own a western wear store, don’t use a rack that looks like it came directly out of an upscale Manhattan boutique. If you own a store that caters to teenagers, don’t use a traditional garment rack that belongs in their mothers’ department store. Build to your audience and reinforce your brand.

Mind your Space: It is always a difficult line to walk between the space you have available and the products you’d like to carry in your store. Carefully selecting your garment racks for the layout of your store, may free up some room you didn’t even know you had available.

Stay Consistent: Wherever possible, try to consistently use garment racks that look similar to one another with regards to material, colors and finishes. Consistency makes for seamless flow from rack to rack throughout the store.

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