How do I build an app for Amazon Fire TV?

In this series of videos, we hear from Easel TV’s Chief Operating & Commercial Officer, Bill Scott, who shares insight into how they built a high quality video streaming experience for Curzon Home Cinema on Fire TV. Based in London, Easel TV is a software company focused on building, ingesting and ultimately delivering premium multiscreen entertainment apps and services around its Suggested TV platform. Bill walks us through the steps Easel TV followed to build the Fire TV app.

Bill recommends getting to know the capabilities of Fire TV and how they can be leveraged for a particular app as the kicking off point. Having got ‘under the hood’ of the Fire TV, the team at Easel TV were immediately impressed by the power and specs, specifically its ability to deliver full HD content and digital audio; crucial to recreate the big screen experience required for Curzon Home Cinema.

This led Easel TV’s decision to use a native Android app an existing HTML 5 application. This hybrid solution provided further benefits, including a simple means of ensuring viewing entitlement across multiple devices. “We got the advantages of using our existing TV app…so we could be consistent across different platforms, being able to use the remote control, the video player and the DRM,” stated Bill Scott


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