How Effective Are MAX Level Magnums? Blitz Magnum Energy Build – Brawler | WR

Magnums haven’t been used in awhile. There are so many light weapons to choose from and magnums don’t do enough damage, despite having a zero reload time. I put 4 maxed out on a blitz to see if they can perform well in champion league.Side note, the leech is still the worst thing in the game. …

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49 thoughts on “How Effective Are MAX Level Magnums? Blitz Magnum Energy Build – Brawler | WR”

  1. Taran magnum on my tyr in diomond league well I tried killing a Patton it took 5 charges xd and for a ao Jun 5 chargers to lol nit counting magnum shots

  2. I have that setup, 4 magnums, 3maxed and one mk2 lvl3, last stand and 2 reactors, i plan to add anticontrol. I have increased weapon dmg, and magnum deals increased dmg skill. And in my hangar it is maybe best bicon runner. Ares, ao jun, fenrir and tyr , everything lvl 9. Because of no anticontrol i use phase shift. After upgrading weapons on ares and storms for fenrir i will upgrade blitz to max. I love that robot.

  3. Funny how the leech robots literally live off the stupidity of your teammates. It's leeched onto you and those idiots still keep shooting to do a tiny bit of damage – while killing you in the process. Imagine if they will nerf the leechs resistance in the future, this will be even worse. That is why I say, reduce the range of leeching to 350m. At least this way you can outrange the leech effect and run away from your teammates stupidity.

  4. I am actually running that exact setup – minus the MK2 part. Mine are MK2 level 1 right now. It's not doing too bad though. But 4 gusts or any kind of lock-down weapons is way superior.

  5. Can you try fenier with ECU Shields and a Redeemer or glory or fenier with 1 heavy and 1 medium and a ECU shield so it like a super boa.

  6. I now have two nemesis in my hangar…won one of them yesterday evening opening super chest…crap prize they are so rigged

  7. Use death mark on this bad boy.
    No question. I dont really have any good pilot skills on mine, so no damage uppage, but with death mark and break in, it becomes the quickest killer in wr. Seriously. Best loadout. Magnum blitz with deathmark. (Use thermos, pilot skills, anything to buff dmg, and it becomes even better) I am barely in champs, and use this thing to string together killstreaks. In one robot. Cheap loadout, no wait time, surpasses energy shields, what a build!

  8. Hi Predator/Liam! Whenever you have the Ghost song in your videos, I end up watching it twice. First to just listen to the song (because I totally get distracted by it) and then again to watch the actual gameplay. Love the song, the lyrics and love your videos. Looking forward to a live stream from you, maybe in that mask that you posted about. Thanks!

    For those who are asking about the song, it's called Ghost by Cadmium and it's available by NCS. Enjoy!

  9. Dude i just love how you kick ass with an interesting hanger, not just p2w meta bots. That shit gets boring, and your way demonstrates true skill in a variety of bots. Keep killing it!

  10. I run two Mk1 lvl 11 Magnums with a Mk1 lvl 11 Redeemer on my Strider, and that thing is vicious at range. I often use it to support my team members' Phantoms from 300m to 350m while they are capturing the center beacon – does great and gets me a good amount of damage for a beacon runner.

    Edit: And if you have them from before the 4.0 economy changes they are pretty cheap and quick to upgrade.

  11. Leech, the worst thing in the game and there are players with multiple Leech hangers…yuk..!!! But your Gameplay Predator is simply THE BEST!!!!!!

  12. You don’t have a battle rec? How don’t you have power cells? I hope you do because people with 1/10 of your subs have one!!!

  13. Still gotta upgrade the Magnums all the way up to at least Mk1 Level 12 for it to be viable on the battlefield.
    Needless to say, the second game was in favor for that one particular, game wrecking bot.
    They view it as their "trump card" lol???

  14. Predator, maybe for a next vid you could try a Zeus Behemoth. Zeus is a forgotten, but powerful weapon. I think you should try it. 🙂

  15. I just absolutely hate the look of Magnums on Blitz, I think I’ll stick to my current 2 setups, Halo & Gust. I prefer the Gust setup, I notice most people in Champion run Halo, but I find the Gust much better at 200 meters & beyond, with the shot grouping skill they’re very deadly. They’re also better against tanky bots.


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