How to build a Android App with C# / .Net with Mono for Android

This is my first Android App so it is super super simple but it shows a starting point to start your own code. This video is beginners. I made this app for a friend. Check

out more details at and all this code done with Visual Studio. Xamarin has made a super tool for .net developers.


  • DeidaraNara

    if i were you guys dont put it on playstore i would make your own website and add it there into an .apk and install it on your phone if you want it on google play store you had to make a developer account and in order do that u have to pay google 25 dollars to make an account you can still use the app if you downloaded it from your website not from playstore

  • paul richard

    ive created an app containing 5 pages.. from my first activity (page 1)when i click on the next button (through intent ) it goes to page :2. but the buttons ands text views are not seen in page 2 which ive created in axml(ui) page..? y s tht ? pls help me.

  • Agentleader1

    I'm going to answer a few questions that I know the answer too:
    1. Install Visual Studio, whichever version/edition you want, then install Xamarin.
    2. Xamarin will take a long time to install, so be patient (even if it looks like it's not installing). 
    3. To publish your app: Tools -> Android -> Publish Android Application…
    4. If you have no idea what the code is, learn some actual C#. The coding should be very similar.
    5. There are no requirements prior to installing Xamarin. The new setups install it for you in the setup.
    6. is completely off this topic.
    7. If you get an error in the setup prior to the requirements of installing Xamarin, just start the setup again.

  • iamsmzubair

    nice tutorial…but i want to know how to install Xamarin Studio from the beginning step by step and what are prerequisites  to install the Xamarin Studio.

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