How to Build a JavaScript Application Project – Tutorial Part 1

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I’m finally starting a series of tutorials where I will be teaching you guys how to build real world applications with JavaScript, and this is the first video where I will show the basics of JavaScript programming with a simple tutorial.



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43 thoughts on “How to Build a JavaScript Application Project – Tutorial Part 1”

  1. Hi Telmo I am junior programmer and I am still in the university so can I please be your friend so we stay connected

  2. Dude, U're really amazing.
    Can you please tel me your Facebook Name so that I can add you because I really wanna be ur friend mate.

  3. Thank you Telmo! I've been struggling on how to apply javascript on my webpage. And because of this video, I learned a lot and ides are coming into my mind. Thank you very much and keep posting awesome videos like this 🙂

  4. I just starting watching your series of tutorial videos and i'm very excited with these because it's easy to learn (JavaScript,HTML,CSS,JQuery) together.
    Thank you very much

  5. I would like to point out that Telmo is putting a lot of his own time in making these free tutorials so if I have to watch some adds so he gets  some money for his efforts thats ok with me.

  6. Man..! I love it. I have little knowledge of Js and JQ but this made my day to know the differences. I am a mobile developer learning web dev to increase my skills. Thanks! Looking forward to learning​ more.!

  7. Hi Telmo,
    this tutorial is just what I needed. I've been studying JS for a few months and I needed to see more practice how to use it, thanks also for explaining jQuery, this for me is a complete tutorial.

    You explain JS very well and in a professional manner, your code is very neat, your English is very comprehensive and clean.

    Finally a practical use of this programming language !!

    Still thanks and compliments, I can learn a lot from yourself.

    This tutorial is worth much more than the various online courses (even paid) that I did or the various books I read.

    Keep it up!!

    Greetings from Italy

  8. "oh, if you want to be a great web developer you need to learn…." Hahahahah laughed a lot, great video Telmo, I've tried learning from other videos and so far yours has been my favorite.

  9. thank you for these videos. can you also do photoshop series after this? like the features of photoshop a web developer needs to know

  10. Hi, i found this website that website belongs to Nintendo company and it got so many cool features so is there a way you can do a video about these features please, thank you 🙂

  11. Thank you for putting this up T
    I sed to walk behind my former colleagues Developers and Programmers at work jealous of the way their PC screens looked like with all the fancy and scary lines of code hahaha what a beginner I was LOL. Now few months into coding (with Python and Django) I look back with a smile on my face …. nice one bro and I appreciate all time you take responding to my IG DMs (WilldeDill) (:

  12. Great video. I've had trouble grasping JavaScript so I am very excited about your tutorials. Keep them coming.


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