How To Build A One Product Dropshipping Store with Shopify (2019)

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Today, I will be showing you how to set up a one product dropshipping store using Shopify. I will be showing you everything step by step in this full length tutorial.

One product dropshipping is an amazing way to get started with dropshipping as it allows you to solely focus on one product and use all your efforts into marketing that product. I hope you enjoy the full tutorial, please be sure to give the video a thumbs up if you do and make sure to subscribe to the channel

One Product Shopify Store Preview: 00:00:00 – 00:02:43
Benefits of One Product Dropshipping: 00:02:44
Type of products that work with One Product Dropshipping: 00:04:49
The Perfect One Product Store: 00:05:09
Features VS Benefits of a product: 00:06:43
Examples of good products for One Product Dropshipping: 00:07:27
Picking a brand name for your store: 00:12:16
Purchasing a domain name: 00:15:08
Signing up for Shopify: 00:15:37
Installing Oberlo: 00:17:30
Importing your first product: 00:18:42
Choosing a product title: 00:20:13
Writing the perfect product description: 00:22:47
Pricing your product & pushing to your store: 00:31:19
Choosing a theme: 00:35:20
Getting the perfect product images: 00:36:38
Customzing your theme (Hero Image): 00:43:13
Choosing store fonts & colors: 00:49:54
Adding a gallery to your store: 00:53:43
Creating product images with Canva: 00:54:53
Adding text & images to your gallery: 00:59:12
Adding a product video to your store: 01:05:53
Editing your product video: 01:07:09
Uploading the product video to YouTube: 01:13:40
Uploading product video to your store: 01:15:14
Adding Anchor Links to Shopify: 01:19:26
Finishing off your landing page funnel: 01:27:45
Adding Images to your Product: 01:36:28
Editing the menu: 01:41:30
Creating a logo: 01:42:58
Creating a Returns & Refunds page: 01:49:01
Creating a Contact Us Page & Form: 01:53:16
Creating a Privacy Policy page: 02:01:19
Creating a Terms of Service page: 02:10:17
Creating a Shipping & Returns page: 02:14:23
Adding a footer menu: 02:23:11
Adding a Currency Converter app: 02:29:01
Adding a Sales Timer app: 02:32:24
Adding an Abandoned Cart app: 02:42:53
Connecting a domain to your Shopify store: 02:51:03
Adding an announcement to your store: 02:51:55



  • Elliott Prendy

    I am giving away a dropshipping store created by me! To be in with a chance of winning the store, head to and enter in your email address. Be sure to comment 'Chilkoot Ridge' down below too!

  • Grace0229

    Hi Elliott, just found your channel and all the videos are very useful!
    I have one question (just started Shopify droshipping),
    1. did you change the product packaging if you are not sure the product is selling? My understanding is that the product packaging from Aliexpress are all in Chinese. How do you guys sort this out?

    2. If we place order in Aliexpress from the supplier, the shipping time taking too long from China to US. Do you have your own shipping agent to deliver the product directly to consumer in US with short shipping time?

    If you have a YouTube video that explain the above question, please share with me too. Thanks and looking forward to your reply 🙂

  • Takh Art

    Does the store do the shipping automatically or do I have to go on aliexpress and make the purchase for the customer once they've placed the order?

  • Auke Bleij

    Does anyone else have issues with the "buy now" buttons? The "why indestructicase" button works perfectly fine, but the other buttons don't do anything when clicked on…

  • Алена Корепанова

    hi Elliot firstly I want to thank you for this amazing tutorial personally I take a week to listen to all informations and as you said consistent is the keyword of this wonderful tutorial but I had a trouble apparently they remove care cart abandoned recovery from Shopify app I couldn't find so i replace it with free persistent cart app but the problem is that free persistent run in the background and did not ask any informations even my domain name so any help will be welcome thank you again

  • Galaxy Galore

    Thank you sooo much Elliott??I can’t believe this is a free coarse?You explained so well from start to finish. I’ve built my very 1st store around your knowledge. Blessings and much success to you✨??

  • Shrikant Patil

    Hello & Thanks
    You have great information. I like it and subscribe to your channel already.
    I am from Mumbai Creative brand designer … I need your help for some question regarding dropshipping… going with your link to create a Shopify account…

  • Pee Lalee

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    ?That can generate money anytime, anywhere.
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    ???Just send us the value.
    ??And this approach to people around​ ​the world.?

  • Chiquita Williams

    Wow. Other dropshipper/gurus literally charge hundreds for this information in a "course". But here, you have given us top notch QUALITY information for free. Much gratitude

  • Kiedis-Haze

    We don't deserve a YouTuber such as yourself.

    Bless you, for this video, dude. Honestly such a valuable video. The fact that you're not trying to charge obscene amounts of money for it as well really speaks words.

  • Wolf Reviewing

    Hello Im 19 and getting started, I know everyone prob asks but you know, you never know until you ask right?:
    Can anyone take a few mins to Take a look at my stores homepage? Im Brand new to shopify and never was good at making websites. Ive tried to do it clean but i think it might be too clean and unpro.

    Ive added some example products too just so yo ucan see my product page and ive finsiehd all pages like contact us etc.

    If anyone could take the time PLz? Just comment below or if you have the time to make a video send me a link to your channel below

    Or if you can give me some free advice like what i should change then i dont mind XD
    THank you

    Store Name

    Password To view the page is the letter —- a

    due to on trial at this point of commenting..

  • Zo mey

    well i hope i can take all you help and information in this video and turn it into a successful dropshipping site with those upcomming product trends. Thank you <3

  • Slim 05

    Thank you for the advice! But recently I bumped on a Fiverr gig which is making FREE custom made stores. They created such a clean and minimalistic store for me and I already started making money from it. The theme they are using costs $69 so you make your money straight away after your order anyway. Check them out while they are still doing it. Type Pinko Media on Fiverr. Thank me later!

  • Nick Cramer

    Hey , I just want to say I appreciate you putting this video up, even though it is almost 3 hours long it really does help for someone like me knowing nothing about setting up a website or drop shipping.

  • josh Young

    i have a niche store at the moment that isnt doing so well.. but i am thinking of switching up to a one product store, are one product stores now better?

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