How to Build a Ruby on Rails Application

Can you tell me how to build a Ruby on Rails application?

Are you planning on moving to Silicon Valley?

Ruby on Rails is popular for web app development.

HTML5 is going to become a major contender for that in the near future, especially because it gets along well with JavaScript for web page based applications and Node.js for web servers.

What is the first step if I want to build a web app with Ruby?

Install Ruby after reading about both the Ruby language and Rails framework.

That’s a given.

You’ll want to install a database like MongoDB or MySQL.

Why not Oracle?

MongoDB and MySQL and others like them are free. You don’t have an app yet, so you don’t have money to pay Oracle.

What’s the next step?

You need to install Ruby Gems. You probably want to install the Bundler gem, too, so you can manage dependencies in the project.

Depends on what I run into.

Create the skeleton of the rails app, such as using the command rails app name. At this point, you call out the database if the app will use one.

What’s the next step?

You should already have a Rails development server going. Change the directory the app is using the cd command and the new folder location.

I suppose that’s so I don’t over-write what I just created.

You can test the application you made by entering in script/server, then opening a browser, entering the host name and hitting enter.

That may open up the app in the host and the app, but the app doesn’t do anything.

This is like creating a new Microsoft Word document. If you can’t create a new document and save it, the ability to add lots of fancy features and quality content is irrelevant.

What happens when it comes up?

You should see a Ruby on Rails welcome page with instructions on how to create models and controllers.

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