How to Build Android Music Streaming App Android

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The API Call to Spotify has stopped working because they now require authorization tokens. Go here & check the curl example and modify the get method of the Spotify service interface accordingly.

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What are the requirements?
Android Studio and SDK
Oracle JDK
Basic understanding of the Java programming language
Familiarity with xml
Passion and Drive to learn
A good dose of motivation

Project Outline

Session 1: Setup Environment
Show where to get android studio
Show where to get JDK
Give an overview of Android Studio
How to create a project
How project is structured
Give overview of gradle
Build files
Adding dependencies
Explain the project
Set the project goal
How to tell if the goal was achieve
End Session 1

Session 2: Building Data Class
Explain Spotify web Api
Give overview of JSON
Start building data classes
End Session 2

Session 3: Building Data Class cont’d
Show auto import and how to create Emulators
Introduce Retrofit
Introduce Gson
Introduce Picasso
Show how to add dependencies
compile ‘’
compile ‘com.squareup.retrofit2:retrofit:2.1.0’
compile ‘com.squareup.retrofit2:converter-gson:2.1.0’
compile ‘com.squareup.picasso:picasso:2.5.2’
Build more Class and Interface
SpotifyService(for retrofit)
End session 3

Session 4: UI Development
Build track_list_row.xml
Build activity_main.xml
Build activity_player.xml
Create Image assets
Repeat 1
Repeat all
End session 4

Session 5: Wiring the UI
Code main activity to connect code to UI
End Session 5

Session 6: Wiring the UI, Testing, and Bug fixes
Code player control buttons
End session 6

Session 7: Wiring the UI, Testing, and Bug fixes cont’d
Code player control buttons
Add functionality to buttons
End session 7

Session 8: Testing, and Bug fixes cont’d
Add Seek Bar
Add song thumbnail
Create a utility class
Add functionality to Seek Bar
End session 8

Session 9: Publishing to play store
Show how to use keytool
Show how to make different builds
Build and sign APK
Upload to Play store
End session 9

Video transcription:

What’s up everybody, I am clever Chuck and I have about three years experience programming, so I’m going to be showing you guys how to make a music streaming app using Android, and I hope you guys are excited to learn. But here I have my tutorial overview, so what I’m going to be, requirement as well.

Anything you need, an IDE I also need your HD K, so we’re going to need the under the studio, and Android SDK, we’re going to need a Java development kit, if we don’t have if we don’t already have it installed on our system. What you’re going to have a busy honest, we’re also going to need to have a basic understanding of the java programming language.

We also need to be familiar with SML. Most importantly we need to have a passion and drive to learn, so we have a stream in the schedule right here, so the schedules going to be every day, studying at noon Eastern Standard Time.

It’s going to last for about one to two hours. Then we’re going to start streaming on main sixteens, and you know, this project is going to go out way to May 20th 2013. Our first session we are going to set up our environment download.

I understood you get is the case that would mean I was going to give you a little bit of introduction to address to you.

Session 2 we’re going to start building our classes. So we start programming classes using the object-oriented approach.

Section 3 will continue working on a program in our classes.

Section 4 is from such a butyl UI and designing Association for we build a UI and we create, also create visual assets for our UI.

Session 5 only connects our codes so the codes that we write in session 3 we connect. Those three URI that we built in session for the insertion is, we test our application we debug and fix all the errors that we’re going to find.

If we do find them which I hope we do, then in Section seven we do the publishing of our app. So we build our APK and then publish our application to the Google store so that the world can see the amazing stuff that we just did.
So I hope you enjoy this the string and stay tuned for more thank you

Find the full project videos for FREE here:

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