How to build cross-platform desktop apps in C# using QML.NET

QML is a declarative language that allows user interfaces to be described in terms of their visual components and how they interact and relate with one another. Qt Quick is the standard library of types and functionality for QML. It includes visual types, interactive types, animations, models and views, particle effects and shader effects.

Qt/QML can be used from C++ and JavaScript. But QML.NET bridges the Qt/QML world and the .NET world so you can use C# to build cross-platform desktop applications.

In this episode Max Mommersteeg from Info Support will show you how to build a cross-platform desktop application using QML.NET and Visual Studio Code.

Check out the Github repo of QML.NET for more info:

00:00:23 Introduction of QML.NET, QML and Qt Quick
00:05:22 Sample application demo
00:07:40 Walking through the demo code
00:18:50 Debugging the application
00:20:15 Status of QML.NET

This video was made possible by Info Support ( and DotNed, the Dutch .NET Usergroup (

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