How To Build Custom Scenery! | Mine-imator Tutorial

How to build and customize scenery in Mine-imator, without using Minecraft!

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Video captured with Bandicam
Audio captured with a Shure PG42

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34 thoughts on “How To Build Custom Scenery! | Mine-imator Tutorial”

  1. I have a world in Minecraft called "Mine-imator Schematics" and i just build things in there and bring them into Mine-imator, but this was very helpful too, Thanks!

  2. Your videos have been really helpful. I managed a (Very) short animation for my channel using your tips and tricks. I'm now working on a longer storyline and will continue to come back to you for help!! Thanks for making it all so straightforward.

  3. It keeps saying my minecraft worlds needs to be a schematic file,but I don't understand how to change it to schematic file,does anyone know
    Though this could be an alternative until I figure out what's wrong

  4. Here we go again 😀
    Music in description
    Teh whole video (picnic blanket and house)

  5. As you know i said i quit joining your tutorials but i might not join some of the weeks cuz their easy or whatever.
    So yeah i dont know if this counts so here is the vid:

    Channel Name: Yellowz // Anaqi

    Sounds from minecraft(Breath is a new unused sound in minecraft 1.9 im guessing)

    Technique is infront of you.(Start of vid)

    And i just notice your subs are gonna get to 9k! 😀 Goodluck!

  6. My Animation Entry
    YT Channel: Gaansey Games
    Technique: House (Throughout)
    Music: "Evening Melodrama" By: Kevin MacLeod (


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