How To Create a Custom Keyboard Using Storyboard Xcode

This tutorial walks you through creating a custom keyboard using a storyboard, rather than with pure code for the layout.
Download the complete project at:

How To Create A Custom Keyboard Using Storyboard Xcode

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20 thoughts on “How To Create a Custom Keyboard Using Storyboard Xcode”

  1. Hi
    how can I add stickers to the keyboard?
    please! help me ! I try but the stickers don't show in chat box when I click on it

  2. On custom keyboards, if we want to support localization (all languages), do we have to add all characters as a button on the keyboard? Or is there a different way for doing this? Cant we use native keyboard's character buttons as a native View and customize other things?

  3. The complete project is now available to download!

  4. Hi, i would like to create a keyboard with special caracters. How to add a new button ( a new caracter like "6") that does not exist in apple standard keyboard?

  5. My progress matches yours up to the removal of the code in viewDidLoad() regarding the stock nextKeyboardButton that you say to do.

    If I remove all that code as you do I get a blank view that flashes into view for a second then the normal keyboard appears.

    If I put the code back the custom keyboard appears but with the stock next keyboard button?

    Any ideas?

  6. How do you add texture to the keyboard? im sure there must be a function where animation is added to the buttons with the texture like original apple keyboard, or do i need to remake that?

  7. Hi. Thank you for a nice tutorial. Could you create tutorial how link your own keyboard to another real application (for example: 2 text view with different keyboards, one of each is your own custom keyboard.

  8. i followed step by step of the video and when i try switching to my keyboard it quickly blinks and skips to the next keyboard anything to do to fix that


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