How to create APK file for Distribution

In this video, I will show you how to create APK file after you have finished building your application.
This is a mandatory step before you launch your application on Google Play store because this is how Google will verify that you own that particular application.

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20 thoughts on “How to create APK file for Distribution”

  1. Whenever I open my android studio it keeps loading but it wont open, once it did nd there were a bunch of things but still it wasnt android studio… there any other way I can create an apk file?

  2. hi sir /mam kiya aap apk bana sakte he mere pass ek project he jo internet se downloads kiya he par mere pass leptop nahi he to aap bana sakte he please reply to this

  3. Your tutorial is fine except that at the beginning it was confusion to know from where you selected android studio that part is the only problem otherwise rest of your tutorial is very good. Thanks for it.

  4. Good knowledge but somehow this video you made as you are tutoring why does your mouse moves up and down creating the viewers move their eyes tiredly to see what menu or application you are picking as there is no sign which one you are picking from where? Please stop moving your mouse or arrow slowly not so fast as one cannot follow it. Have your watched your own video? check it please!

  5. Hi, I created apk file by following ur video but the file I generated is empty it's only just a 3kb jks file has created n my android mobile say no apps can perform the action??
    Plz me a solution.

  6. As an Englishman i see nothing wrong with your english. I understood every word and what a fantastic tutorial. I am making games with Unity and want to get them on my wifes android somehow so she can play them. I wrote a simple app with android studio and followed your instructions and the resulting apk i put on the android via usb cable. Installed it and then it ran ok. When i try to build my game with unity i keep getting gradle failed. That is something i am looking into at present. Apart from that thanks for this tutorial.


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