How to debug your Xamarin Apps with the Visual Studio Android Emulator SD

Finding it difficult to debug Android apps on Windows? Good news, it doesn’t have to be! The Visual Studio Android Emulator is your friend if you are building cross-platform apps using technologies like Xamarin. Gavin Gear demonstrates how to create a default cross-platform Xamarin.Forms app and start debugging it in about 3 minutes from start to finish!

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9 thoughts on “How to debug your Xamarin Apps with the Visual Studio Android Emulator SD”

  1. To debug on a real device all you need to do i connect your device to your computer, enable developer options on the phone and make sure USB Debugging is enabled.

  2. This video is at least a misnomer.

    It tells nothing about how to debug a Xamarin application. It tells how to set up one and run in the emulator which I'm wildly aware of. I would like to know what should I do for my app to stop at breakpoints, to have a view on variables and so. You know, the stuff we usually refer to as _debugging_. You have just wasted three and a half minutes of my life.


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