How to install the Android SDK and run ADB Shell

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In this video you’ll learn how to install the Android SDK and run ADB Shell. ADB Shell is usually used to mod or root an Android device.

Link to Java:

Android SDK page:

47 thoughts on “How to install the Android SDK and run ADB Shell”

  1. can someone give me the proper link to download becoz i downloaded sdk tools and inside the zip file is a folder called 'tools' and inside are applicatioms called emulator and emulator check pls help
    i tried opening the apps but still no responce even if i have java installed

  2. I can't find the page to download this, and I often tried to get on the official website from Android developer but it always sends me back to android studio

  3. Thanks for pointing out that you need Java to run ADB Shell. It's been quite some time since I've used it, and I couldn't understand why I couldn't get things to work! I had uninstalled Java a while ago because of security concerns, and it didn't occur to me that it would cause a problem with this.

  4. OMG!!! WOW!!! you did it so simply and really informative too, and It worked for me. Thank you so much. Keep up the good work.

  5. I need an alternative. I am unable to boot my phone, it either remains stuck on the Samsung logo or the 'Android is starting menu" (one with rotating cogs and green background). I have tried a hard reset and a soft reset but they're not working. So, considering I am unable to perform a hard/soft reset to format my phone enabling me access to the debugging settings. What other options do I have? I am at a loss, I need this phone to keep in touch with my area manager at work.

  6. Dude thank you so much for making a video unlike those tech videos with no voice and some dorky music and slow typing

  7. Thanks for making this video. Spent a number of hrs yesterday trying to find out how to boot up
    ADB.exe file but only now after watching your great tutorial do I know how to use it.
    You have made my day my friend,
    kind regards,

  8. just shift + right click on the window dont click on any icon and there will be an option to open a command prompt from the window you are in. good video

  9. Good video.You can type cd / instead of cd.. to navigate to C:. Also, you can copy cmd.exe to the folder with your ADB stuff, and everything would be ran from there, so you don't have to type directory names.Just saying.

  10. i was able to get adb shell running. but i dont know what to do next, i am trying to use a verizon moto e 4g on tmobile, these are the steps i found, but i am stuck in #6 as i have never used cmd before

    1. Put the phone into Airplane mode (I'm not sure this is needed, but it doesn't hurt)
    2. Go to Settings -> About Phone and tap on "Build Number" until it says you are in Developer Mode (~10 times)
    3. Go back one menu, and right above About Phone there should now be an option for Developer Options, go into that.
    4. Turn on USB Debugging
    5. Connect the phone to your computer and type "adb shell" in your CMD window
    6. Run the following commands in adb shell :
    pm clear

    settings put global preferred_network_mode 9

    settings put global preferred_network_mode1 9

    settings put global preferred_network_mode2 9

    7. Turn off Airplane mode

    8. Power off and Restart the phone

    9. Open up the settings app, go to the mobile networks panel, select "Prefered Network Mode" and change it to "4G"

    10. Input the appropriate APNs for your specific carrier

    can you help me on how to run the commands listed on step 6 pleaseee

  11. Thanks for the video. This was the most clear and concise video/instruction set I found anywhere on how to install and run the adb shell.

  12. dude the link should be this
    insted of downloding the whole android studio


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