How to Make a Mobile App for iPhones and Android Devices

Swiftic (previously Conduit Mobile, featured in the video):
Shoutem (my 2019 recommendation):

[2018 update]: Since this video is several years old, Conduit Mobile (featured in this video) has been re-branded to Swiftic. The general concepts in this video remain the same but the services have been changed and updated. In addition to Swiftic, Shoutem is another great alternative. Let me know if you have any questions when comparing the two services.

In this video made by Command Creativity, I will learn how to make a mobile for iPhone and Android devices! Watch this video to learn how to create an app for your business or other need.

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48 thoughts on “How to Make a Mobile App for iPhones and Android Devices”

  1. This is cool and great but i dont have even 1 dollare to buy golds because basic Only 5 users on basic and gold is unlimited for 33 dollars wtf no i wont pay just to build and app

  2. This is all very simplistic. If you want to build a sophisticated application (e.g. with a database running in the background) you've got no chance. It's basically a gimmick more than anything else and for the privilege they want $33 or $99 per month which is far too much for what is essentially a "plaything".

  3. Anyone interested in teaming up to succeed? I have some great ideas for apps and websites that I know will make good money. I want to succeed and think this is the way to make it happen.

  4. Awesome video. I am looking forward to watching more of your videos

    Would be awesome if you want to look into my channel and videos as well.

  5. Question I can not find the website and I typed in the exact same thing as on the video the description takes me to a website that looks nothing like the one in the video and it has nothing to do with app building I need some help with this

  6. You only get like a template-like type of app from using the platform shown in the video, I used it for the first few months of my buisness, but it started getting difficult to really make the app how we wanted to see it turn out, so the two platforms we eventually moved to for my business was "*Asphone*",and "*Apps moment*" Conduit it's not NEARLY as deep or efficient as either of those to be honest…
    Oh, and the Link just in case for anyone wanting to check out Asphone or Apps Moment is
    Apps Moment:
    Sooo much better than the one shown in the video.

  7. great video again.
    check out my new app
    thank you

  8. What a waste of time… I thought you said it was for free… Spent heap of time creating an app then go to publish and can't be done without paying > $800… what a rip off.

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  13. can you give me advice i'm trying to create an app but i don't what is best to find a programer to help me or do it by my self and how do i know that no one is going to steel my idea

  14. Ok like mine is asking for a fee an stuff where is free part asked me for a certificate for apple is 99$ month an 24$ fee once for make the app like help please


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