How to Make a Qt Mobile App with Qt Quick Designer (QML Designer) & Felgo for iOS & Android

In this video we show how to create a Qt Application using QML & Qt Quick & Felgo with the Qt Quick Designer of Qt Creator. You app will run on mobile, Desktop and embedded, powered by Felgo and Qt.

This feature was added in Felgo 2.12.1 here:

This tutorial video covers:
– How to create a new Felgo Application with Qt Creator
– A short overview of the Qt Quick Designer and how to enable side-by-side editing.
– Using the designer to add Felgo Components via Drag’n’Drop.
– How to layout your items using anchoring.
– Creating a cross-platform Felgo Application with a native-styled main navigation.
– Binding properties of a control to the property value of another item.
– Testing the look & feel of your app on Desktop by switching between themes.

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13 thoughts on “How to Make a Qt Mobile App with Qt Quick Designer (QML Designer) & Felgo for iOS & Android”

  1. 1) For the iOS, do I need to purchase the $100 developer license from Apple if using Qt? I do not have a Mac.
    2) Can I put the app directly on the iPhone without XCode or the license (I don't have a Mac).

  2. Does the application compile to a native code with native controls or are they being drawn by the application? If the latter is true does the application look the same on the different versions of the same target platform?


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