How to run Windows apps on Mac macOS Sierra (MS Paint install)

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In this example I get classic MS Paint running on my MacBook. See the links below for the program winebottler and alos mspaint.exe is included.



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34 thoughts on “How to run Windows apps on Mac macOS Sierra (MS Paint install)”

  1. Hello, Im using MacBook Air 2017 model, im having trouble to download Microsoft Paint. I will be happy if you can help me with some instructions on how to do. a reply from you will be highly appreciate and if you can come to INDIA I will buy you more than one cup of coffee lol"

  2. Only partially works because Mac's won't work with 32 bits anymore. While I can open the application itself, when I try to open an existing .bmp file I get redirected to the "Mac won't work with 32 bit" page

  3. If any is reading this, you don't have to do everything that this dude did in the video… just download winebottler and they already have MS Paint 2010 listed as an option to download. I downloaded it in less than 1 minute and didn't have to do anything.

  4. if you search ms paint in winebottler's search bar, it can be installed directly in winebottler without searching for a ms paint file somewhere in the internet

  5. I get a popup saying 'This type of file can harm your computer. Do you want to keep it or discard it?' WHAT DO I SAY?? D':

  6. When i go to select the file it crashes and it will not let me open wine, and when i try to open it, wine wont let me quit

  7. I have a MacBook Pro – macOS 10.12.5, how do i download the mspaint.exe icon like you have on your desktop? Can you post the link please? Thanks

  8. if your on Mac sierra go here


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