How To Setup Plex For Your Home 2017 | Mac OSX

How to setup a Plex server for your home! What is Plex? What equipment do you need for Plex? How do you install a Plex server? How do you connect a device to Plex? How to rip a Blu-Ray Disc?
I’ll answer all these questions in this video. Below are links you need to check out!

My equipment:
Mac Mini 2012 i7:

Asus 87U AC2400 Router –

Suggested Equipment:
Asus AC1300 Dual Band Router:

Asus AC1750 Dual Band Router:

Asus AC1900 Dual Band Router:

Asus AC3200 Tri-Band Router:

Asus AC5300 Tri-Band Router:

External HDDs:
Seagate 5TB External HDD:

Seagate 8TB External HDD:

Discounted Denon AVRs:
Discounted Marantz AVRs:
7-Channel AVRs:
9-Channel AVRs:
4K HDMI Cables:
Budget Range 4K TVs:
Mid-Range 4K TVs:
Premium 4K TVs:
Sony 4K TVs:
B&O Headphones:
Recommended Soundbars:

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Equipment used to film and edit:
iPhone 7+
iPad Pro
Osmo Mobile:
Final Cut Pro X
iMac 5K Late 2015
MacBook Pro 9,1 Mid 2012

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In this video: I will show you how to setup plex media server on Mac. I’ll also walk you through how to rip Blu-Rays for your Plex server. I’ll also give you the biggest tip for Plex on Mac OSX. Running a Plex server in your home is a great way to stream content from room to room. Watch this video and try it out yourself!

21 thoughts on “How To Setup Plex For Your Home 2017 | Mac OSX”

  1. What is Plex 0:52
    Equipment For Plex 1:49
    Installing Plex 6:26
    Connect a Device 9:26
    Ripping Blu-Rays 13:14
    My Plex Experience 17:30
    Tips & Tricks 18:20
    Conclusions 21:40

  2. Yes Plex is Awesomeness (“ Thanks for your review of Plex….. hey I noticed your working with Maschine So was wondering if we can connect Musically ? Please check Me Out

  3. I have a problem with plex shutting down on my iMac . Are there specific settings I need to look at to avoid this? Thanks! Great video btw

  4. Can I get your help? I am using a mac pro and I just purchased plex and I set up m library but I dont see any movies loading like yours. What am I doing wrong?

  5. Does it matter if you don't have a powerful pc? I have a Asus Celeron for crying out loud, will that be good enough to stream 4k movies to my ks8500 tv with plex or do I need much more powerful pc?

  6. How does this work exactly!?i am not offending anyone but….did you just came to U.S. from India and learned there language or born in U.S.!?

  7. This was a great video. How many devices do you consume the content? What do you use to receive the Plex stream? You did mention Xbox, I would like to know what are the others in your setup. A network topology would be a great addition to the video!

  8. Good video…just need some clarity. To be clear, I would need a computer constantly running in order for me to watch movies via PLEX? Meaning, do I need my my external hard drive on and connected to a computer??

  9. First off Great Videos for us basic Guy's who like cool stuff‼️ I've been debating doing a Plex for a few months , I have almost 200 movies on iTunes will Plex grab those and transmit those aswell?

  10. makemvk: when you have a million titles selected like that, you can right click one check box and do uncheck all then go back and check the right title.
    also on disks that do what wick2 does, and makes thousands of playlists, i usually have to go read the forums on makemkv to find out which playlist is correct. most people research it and will post which one to use.
    there is also a setting you can change the minimum time of what it will cull out of the list to copy. since i only care about the movie file iv'e changed it to like 1000 seconds or something. that way it removes most of the extras from the list and makes it easier to manage

  11. Hi Techno Dad
    I used Plex before and found it very good so I must set it up again. When I rip a blu ray I would like to have the audio in Dolby True HD or DTS HD Master will that work with Plex.


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