How to Write Content When Your Mind Is Sunbathing in the Caribbean?

I asked myself this very question as I spent an afternoon sipping on frozen drinks from the lounge chair of my suburban neighborhood pool. Okay, maybe it wasn't the Caribbean and there were rowdy and rambunctious kids splashing around, but I can dream, right?

I think we all know that Monday morning feeling when all you want to do is basque in the fun from the previous weekend or let your mind drift off to an imaginary Caribbean vacation, and this can especially be the case when your "to do" list includes writing a couple of blog posts or creating your first eBook.

So how do you write content when it seems that you would rather do anything else?

Since I have often found myself in this predicament, I think I have become a master at switching my mindset into a content writer extraordinaire when needed. Here is how I have been able to do this:

Think About the Overall Goal You Have in Mind for Your Content

I am a goal oriented person, and I have a feeling that you are too or you would not be reading our content marketing blog. If you set a goal for yourself of writing three high quality blog posts per week and the week is quickly coming to a close, the concern of not hitting your goal can be a motivating factor enough (tip: use a content calendar to stay well ahead of your content needs for this very reason).

It can also help to browse through the comments and shares that your content generated to get you in the mood to write. This can remind you that you have a base of readers that are depending on you to deliver useful and meaningful nuggets of information. If your blog posts have created high levels of engagement, it can also help to boost your confidence as a writer and industry expert.

Enter a Non Work Zone

Have you ever tried to write content from your desk during the workday? This can be a total nightmare with the number of distractions that come your way, and it can also take ten times as long to write.

Find your escape, whether that means stepping out to the local neighborhood coffee shop where you can pretend that you are a hip yuppie blogger with your MacBook Air and Beats headphones on or unwind in your wingback chair at home with your laptop in hand.

Write During Your Peak Creative Hours of the Day

For me, this is in the wee hours of he early morning when most of the world is still asleep. I actually look forward to having a steaming hot cup of coffee next to my keyboard while I plug away at my latest blog post. I'm not tempted to look at Facebook or other distraction suckers because frankly, there is nothing interesting going on in the world at 5am. Plus, I feel so accomplished by the time everyone else in my house starts to wake up knowing that I already have my content needs taken care of for the day.

Keep a Running List of Content Ideas

Save yourself the agony of brainstorming for content ideas and keep a running list of ideas as they come to you. For me, since my iPhone is basically like another body part and is always with me, I keep this easily accessible running list on my iPhone using the Notes app. Even if you're not in the mood to write, it's much easier to move into this mindset when you have a working title to help you get started.

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