Install & Build First App — Android Studio Basic Tutorial — Eps 1

Hi everyone, I am Angga Risky and in this video, we are gonna learn how to install android studio to build our own android application from scratch.

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17 thoughts on “Install & Build First App — Android Studio Basic Tutorial — Eps 1”

  1. Nice! I will be happy to follow and learn from you. iodine hope you can make More picture of such topic! Looking-forward 🙂

    By the way, is it possible if i can have your advice in this open source android app I have posted below? I am still a beginner and many things to learn. I hope to get more feedback to improve it!…

    Just need to search ' pub:Path Ahead ' in Google Play (P & A are case sensitive).

    thanks and all-the-best !!

  2. Does anyone know why the preview of my application is kinda blurry. I mean when I want to design the XML-file, the text on every button or textView is very pixelated.


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