iOS Programming 2: UILabels and Creating A Hello World App
In this tutorial we look at creating an app where a user enters their name, then the app outputs in a UILabel Hi, your name. We use IBActions and Outlets, UITextFields, and look at getting the text of the text field, and changing the text of the label, programmatically!

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24 thoughts on “iOS Programming 2: UILabels and Creating A Hello World App”

  1. Hi
    Thanks for the tutorial, very well paced and explained clearly, I program in many other languages, but this is my first foray into iOS . You sound quite young, however your knowledge and explanation is far clearer than many people I know much older and and expreienced than you, for that I applaud you. Keep up the good work.

  2. Very nice tutorial sets. However, we are in Xcode 6.4 from a Mac Yosemite 10.10.1 and you lose us at 1:12 where we cannot get the View Controller Scene up. This basic view mustn't have dropped off the newer Xcode surely? The help didn't help.

  3. Your tutorials are really very clear ,its truly very considerable tutorial for beginner  & for non-experience programmer <3

  4. I followed the tutorial step by step, but i couldn't really launch it, I got to my phone home page, and i could see the app icon, but when clicked, it just creates a black screen.. 
    any ideas?

  5. Thank you very much! 

    One question. When I click on the field to start typing, the keys comeup but I cannot get them to go down so that I can click the submit. any idea?

    Thanks again

  6. I followed the steps and it compiles correctly but when the simulator comes up all I see is a black screen. I click the home button and I see my Hello World app but when I click on it I get a black screen. I think this tutorial has fallen out of scope as of 2014.

  7. I got it to work!!! Thank you for the easy way to follow. I had a couple of blips along the way (couldn't launch the simulator because I had too many "[" on the {NSString *HiString = [[NSString alloc] initWithFormat:@"Hi, %@!", textfieldText];} line. Glad I did too because I was able to tech and fix! The App runs!! (not pretty) but it runs!!! Great job. You made it easy to follow. You have a BRIGHT future!

  8. am used to programming with Objective-C is very different but I've stuck with it coz i want to learn iOS. Your videos have helped a lot. Thanks!

  9. Personally, just from practise, and repetition. Once you start making apps, at first you'll probably need to use references, but after a while you'll get used to the code. Type ahead is very useful when you can't quite remember something, if it isn't coming up, just press the Esc button on your keyboard. You'll get better at it really quickly!

  10. Hello

    How do you remember all this code – I mean, how do you know that you need symbols like % or how do you know when to put things like 'NSString'? Sorry, i'm kinda new to code, so this is probably a silly question! But when you started out did you begin by learning the coding language first or did you just pick up things as you went along, and got accustomed to it?

  11. That is an interesting question. The actions need to be placed outside the curly brackets, that is just the way it is. When it comes to the outlets, if you want to use them in other views, then you should place them outside the brackets, but if you do you need to release, synthesize and redeclare the outlets, so it is simpler and more efficient (in my opinion), to put them inside the curly brackets. You will not get errors though by putting them outside the brackets 🙂

  12. Good video, thanks. I do have a question. Why were the outlets placed in the curly braces and the button action placed outside?


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