iOS Tutorial: Building Dynamic Frameworks

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In this tutorial we will learn how to make a mixed language dynamic framework that uses both Swift and Objective C. We will also learn how to consume this framework in an iOS application and understand the value in creating reusable and modular code.

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7 thoughts on “iOS Tutorial: Building Dynamic Frameworks”

  1. Any gotchas around deploying? For example, you link to the framework, but don't forcibly deploy it with the iOS app or mark it embedded – I presume this is because the framework is building a shared dylib inside the framework bundle and XCode is autmatically including it with the test application's bundle?
    Good tutorial by the way – you can glean this information in a variety of formats, but watching you go through it is very helpful for some people (myself included.) . Thx

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  3. thanks for this special class, learn a new thing today. apple began app development with objective
    c , lots of framework wrote on obj c, I personally only know swift, so connecting them together is so important to know, is it we only need to create a bridging-header file and put the file name inside will be enough? or there will be more ? if it does, would you point me the time in this tutorial where I need to double check, I am still kinda confused how to put obj c code with my swift app. thanks very much


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