IQ 9: Whats the difference between Web and App Server?

This video explains the differences between a Web and an Application Server

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38 thoughts on “IQ 9: Whats the difference between Web and App Server?”

  1. looking forward to subscribing a plain server .. can anyone suggest me a cheap and better hosting company .. i found very cheaper .. do anyone here knew about them?

  2. 2: wrong teaching dude! It all about wich https ised wich txt editor softwaretoys for boys ! Wich editor txt writer used backend server ? Wich commands used linuxvm or php txtwriter ! Notepad ?

  3. 1: wrong teaching dude ! It all about organized ? library index files – folders storaged on giant endserver- data library ?!

  4. 5:18

    _S_o when I'm doing AJAX?
    is this what I'm doing ??
    Discernment: I know not every one single video explanation or tutorial is absolute

  5. Though it's true that webservers return "static content", all webservers have modules for creating dynamic web-apps. I would argue that webservers are stateless, while application servers are not. Dynamic – static content is not the issue here..

  6. It is wrong what u have explained, a web application hosted on IIS also interacts with database and gives response. In the video u showed IIS as web server. How does it make diff. Plz explain.

  7. Can you please explain the web server and the application server, like how do they interact with each other.
    Can you just paint a picture where the user, the web server and the Application server come in one scenario. I am finding it a bit difficult to visualize all the three in one frame.
    Though you have done a great work explaining this.

  8. Great Simple explanation differentiate between Web and App server. can you suggest URL for training on Middleware Application Server from Infrastructure point of view (Not Middleware Admin) like Infra Solution Architect who needs to provide Server sizing,integrating with Authentication servers (Mircrosoft AD),deployment architecture ( Clustering, Topologies)

  9. You are saying Web sever only handle static content. But we can host dynamic application in IIS and Tomcat. Take example of Login page. It is a dynamic page. IIS and Tomcat can handle.

  10. Tomcat is not Application server, its a web server which helps to run https, Servlets/JSPs. Some call it application server, but its definitely not full fledged JavaEE application server

  11. hi I have a confusion
    if I comment in facebook or youtube then which server is active? web server or application server? please tell me with example i don't understand. Thanks

  12. Hey, great video, very insightful! I'm new to code and I have a quick question. Hypothetically: I develop a program in python3 that generally interacts with and stores user data in PostgreSQL. I use python's tKinter to design the gui and flask to connect it to the web / domain? Can you please elaborate on the complete workflow/process guide of this program-to-web hypothetical? Thank you, I appreciate any help.

  13. Hello there.Thank you for this video.Can you clear my doubt. WAMP contains Apache web server.Then how can it work with PHP coding(say in MVC) because PHP code can interact with a database and serve up dynamic content based on what input user has supplied. A little detailed reply will be appreciated. Thank You


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