Learn to use Qt Design Studio by Building an Instrument Cluster for Your Car HMI (Part 1)

Get right into Qt Design Studio by building an instrument cluster for a car HMI.

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  • Alvaro Ceballos

    Did no one watched the video before puting it online? It's imposible that I must put my loudspeakers at 100%, to heard something.

  • Mihai C.

    Can I run this kind of application on Raspberry Pi? I'm doing a school project about digital cluster and I'm using Raspberry Pi to show the actual cluster. Can I get some help and I would take any advice. Thank you

  • Геннадий Ерошин

    Вау. Прекрасная штука! Нехрена не понял по английски. Как бы мне ввести свою модель в эту студию и проверить работоспособность.

  • Brian Hakkari

    Nice work. I have a question. Is possivle to run this applatuon on raspberry pi or adrunio or which controler board you recommend. Thanks hope hear back from you soon.

  • Sqwerize

    Hello, i'am trying to create custom arc item, but it looks not well.. I have my work in PS with qt bridge. Is there some idea to create custom arc item from png image?
    Link to image:

  • Chris Strandt

    Good lord, I spent an entire day looking through QT Creator, and QT Designer trying to figure out where the features shown here were. I thought my QML module imports were not working right, and I tried different versions of QT, different platforms, etc. Very confusing. Can I use QT Designer Studio as a replacement for the QML functionality in Creator for open source projects, or does this require a commercial license? Are any of the QML modules shown here commercial only?

  • pixelasm

    6:00 Interesting to see that your #photoshop plugin provides options for every PS layer and / or folder if and how they are exported. Wonder if I can select several folders / layers and change those property at the same time. Also I do wonder what happens when I change those properties on a folder. Are the contained layer´s properties also changed?

    10:07 good aproach that it is mandatory to include fonts with every project instead of having those handled by the operating system. This makes file exchange over big teams across the globe easier.

  • DarwinsChihuahua

    Great voice! I wish all videos were so well narrated. Most of the time I can't even understand what they're saying.

  • Cody Poultney

    Any plans to support more modern design tools? I think most people have been moving away from Photoshop to tools like Adobe XD and Sketch.

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