Let's Build a Multi-Purpose Laravel + Vue Application

Let’s Build a Multi-Purpose Laravel + Vue Application is out now. In this series, you learn everything you need to know about Building a complete web application with Laravel and Vue js. So, I am so excited that so many of you guys like my content and keep inspiring me to create more videos. My goals is to inspire you to write better code and better applications.

Open Source At Github.

Here are the things you will learn in this series:

* How use Vue Router with Laravel
* How to Install AdminLTE 3
* How to Use Font Awesome 5 on Laravel
* How integrate mailchimp with laravel
* How to use Laravel Socialite
* How to Login Using Social Media
* How to Use API in Laravel
* Api Auth with Laravel Passport
* JWT with Laravel Passport and JavaScript Request
* Vue Custom Events
* Vue form with Laravel
* Relational Database with Laravel
* Axios and Ajax Request
* ACL in Laravel
* Online Users list
* And much more…


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33 thoughts on “Let's Build a Multi-Purpose Laravel + Vue Application”

  1. Thanks Hujjat , yes i think threr is no video like this and I'm excited to see this series . (•◡•) /
    And i think you are one of those talented guys from India btw make a video about yourself .
    You can introduce this series on Vue and Laravel communities to increse views .
    For the front-end part i suggest " shards dashboards lite " and " vuesax " ???

  2. I can't believe that this video is so underrated compared to other tutorials. It deserves way more views than this. You did an extraordinary job right here. Words can't describe how glad I am that i found this video series. Thanks a lot. Keep up good work!

  3. Hi Thanks for your awesome tutorial, I followed them to the end and I have a small challenge, I would like when I log in to go direct to http://localhost:8000/dashboard the way when you login in it takes you to direct.test/member. it will really help

  4. Does anyone here including the author knows how to configure the server I keep getting a 404 error object not found on refreshing. I am using xammp. I would really appreciate it.

  5. Hey Hujjat, can you kindly show us how to add an extra column for "user_updated" in vue.js in this project (especially when you want to change users' roles, it should display that you have done so a 5 minutes ago, or 4 days ago etc). Or anything to show the duration time once you update registered users. I have followed your training and I must say, you are a genius. I am very new in laravel and your tutorials have really given me hope, that one day I can be even half as good as you :). Thank you a lot for sharing such valuable skills for free.

  6. Thanks , it help me to understand about the vue and laravel detail work and how to find vue error. Hope more vue and laravel video

  7. Hi, your channel is very good! I am following the playlist of the "Let's Build a Multi-Purpose Laravel + Vue Application" course.
    I would like to know what extensions you use in your Visual Studio Code to develop with Vue.js and with Laravel.
    Keep going with your channel. It is very good for the community!

  8. Thanks! I'm preparing for a job and your vids are really helpful! I used to live in Sydney Marrickville, would have been fun to meet. Now in Berlin though 😀

  9. Hi Brother, Thank you for the amazing tutorials. I have been working with Laravel, and now I completed my first project with Laravel and Vue with the help of your videos. Everything works fine when I use 'php artisan serve' to run the project. But when I run with the actual url (http://localhost:8888/my_project/public), It loads the home page. But images and api are not showing, instead it shows a 404 error. Also when I reload the browser, again shows 404. (But everything works fine when i use 'php artisan serve', on I want to deploy the project in godaddy shared server. Please give me a solution. Thank you again.

  10. YOU ARE AMAZINGG ! Im really anxiety about my skill and i found your vids and i fell better now cause i know what i need to learn

  11. Hello buddy This is a nice tutorial but I got unauthorized every time I did google but still no luck
    Laravel Framework 5.5.45
    in resources/assets/js/bootstrap.js
    window.axios.defaults.headers.common = {

    'X-CSRF-TOKEN': document.querySelector('meta[name="csrf-token"]').getAttribute('content'),

    'X-Requested-With': 'XMLHttpRequest'

    In appHttpKernal.php
    'web' => [

    // Other middleware…


    and in api.php
    Route::apiResources(['users' => 'APIUsersController']);

    Route::get('/profile', 'APIUsersController@profile');

    and In APIUsersController

    public function __construct()




    what Am I doing wrong just dont get it please help me.


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