Make an instagram like site in under 30 minutes! (Ruby on Rails)

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  • Makeup Tutorials

    Hey everyone ! hop your good so I have an rails web script and hosting with cpanel and preinstalled rails so anyone can help me to configure my script

  • Emmanet A

    Way too fast. This might be okay for someone who already knows how to build a website from scratch with ruby or other tools.

  • squ34ky2

    Some tips for Windows users:
    If you installed ImageMagick version 7 or above, and you either get "Content Spoofing" error or the error "paperclip::errors::notidentifiedbyimagemagickerror" then uninstall then reinstall imageMagick with "Install legacy utilities" checked.

  • Braidy Merkle

    This is a great tutorial, but I wish you wouldn't have skipped showing how to get Bare working. I am not sure what I have done differently than you, but I can't get the nav bar to appear as yours. I have worked with RoR in the past, but needed a refresher, and this was helpful. Thanks!

  • Gilfoyle

    I gave up 7 minutes into this. Where the hell am I supposed to get that 'application.html.erb' markup from? No links in the description? Waste of time.

  • Guilherme Tonini Botassoli

    Guys, if happen an error on db:migrate command, the link below show the solution.

  • scott cooper

    After following this tutorial I have to say its not very good. If your going for just showing what you can do in 30 mins then well yeah its fine but as a tutorial. This is not a good tutorial. First off dont skip ahead or do things not on camera. It confuse your audience. Then take a moment and dont just blow through all the coding and commands. Its hard enough to have to rewind it every couple of seconds. Once again if not a tutorial just ignore everything here.

  • Vali George

    Thx for the tutorial. Unfortunetly, this Ruby on Rails thing seems complex to me, regardless I'm a beginner with Pyhton and I have some experience with VBA (Excel). 🙂 #ro

  • Up4lIFe

    When creating the model or the controller, is "Post(s)" something predefined by rails or did he create the model on his own?

  • Felix Vidal Gutierrez Morales

    Hi all, when opening by development.rb file in Sublime, I am not getting the InstagramApp settings inside of it, but Im getting in the first lines "Rails.application.configure do
    # Settings specified here will take precedence over those in config/application.rb." Do you have any idea why is that??

  • Cumpacho


    LoadError in Devise::RegistrationsController#create
    cannot load such file — bcrypt_ext

    Extracted source (around line #293):

    def require(file)
    result = false
    load_dependency(file) { result = super }

  • Lee Tyler

    Pretty rushed tutorial. Worried more about how long the video was. No coverage of imagemagik which is required for the paperclip styles.

  • alex B

    hi, at what point on time do you upload the page into a server?…I don't know how you can do that with ruby, I just know with js and php.

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