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Make Your Own Game App for Android. In this video I’m giving some game development advice from my experience with some tips on game development sprinkled on top of it.

Making an app is exciting process especially if you do it for first time. But as exciting it is in one hand it is also difficult and time consuming process. How do I make an app is widely asked question, but the goal of this video isn’t to give you in depth step by step instructions on how to develop a mobile game, but to give you some tips on general product and service development processes that you can use when taking on a new project. I would also like to point out that some principles we are going to discuss you can apply in other areas of your life.

When I started to create a game app I was full of excitement, but during the process I learned some lessons what I learn about my free apps and would like to share with you:

-) Tip nr 1 – Stop wishing for things and start doing
-) Tip nr 2 – Research market before development
-) Tip nr 3 – Online team vs office team
-) Tip nr 4 – Start small and go through the process
-) Tip nr 5 – Forever developing

I hope you guys will find these tips useful when approaching your new or existing projects.

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  2. Hello Guys!
    During my first mobile game development I learned some useful lessons. But overall it was great experience.
    But it is not only about game or app development, but Product and Service development in general.

    Please feel free to share with your experience in development!


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