Making Your First Buildbox Game

This 40 minute video walks you through creating your first game in Buildbox. Buildbox is the easiest to use drag and drop software for making games. Full details here:

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38 thoughts on “Making Your First Buildbox Game”

  1. cool tutorial but can you make the price a bit less intense £99 for pro can you make that a bit less money

  2. Brother I really enjoy your video…I didn't know how fast it finished….However I learned from your video

  3. There are no assets as you suggest in this video in the new version? I just ordered to check it out and see no assets at all. Let me know if you have removed this or if I am just not seeing it somewhere.

  4. how can i fix the camera on the character ,because when i start to move the character and jump . the camera does not follow it, i have it in gameplay settings by default ,when i change it to platformer the camera start to follow the Main character, exist a menú for that, thanks

  5. For all those people complaining about the price, just go download Unity for free and you can use it for free unless your income is greater than $100k a year. Cheers.


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