Maven Tutorial for Beginners : with Eclipse

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Maven Tutorial For Beginners. Special Offer on our Complete Maven Course:
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Java JEE Spring Web Application examples with Eclipse and Tomcat. Learn How to Create a Maven Project in Eclipse.

Code Examples :
Installing Java Eclipse and Maven :

Maven in28Minutes

0. What is Maven?
Every Day Developer
Build a jar or a war or an ear
Run the application locally – Tomcat or Jetty
Deploy to a T environment
Add new dependencies to a project
Run Unit Tests
Maven helps us do all these and more…

Generate Projects
Create Eclipse Workspace

1. Beginner Maven Project

What is the power of Maven?

Project Object Model (POM)

Build LifeCycle
Integration Test
2. Intermediate Maven Project

Dependency Management
Transitive Dependencies
Excluding Dependency
Dependency Versions

Sample Project Object Model
Maven Plugins
Convention over configuration
Source Code
Test Code
Hierarchy of POMS
Super POM

3. Multi Module Maven Project
Dependency Management in Parent POM
Installation Guide

4. Maven Web Application

Running application in Tomcat

5. Tip and Tricks
Important Commands

Maven Archetypes
archetype:generate Udemy

47 thoughts on “Maven Tutorial for Beginners : with Eclipse”

  1. I have not even watched yet, but how can I not be excited given all of these "best maven tut ever…" comments? Yeah yeah, the microphone, I get it. But if you're helping me feed my family I don't care if you're recording with a POTATO.

  2. sir…this is brilliant explanation…this is exactly how one should teach a new concept to beginner explaining each and every concept….hats off ! I watched dozens of maven videos but couldn't understand well…thanks for this video..

  3. Maybe this tutorial is good, – I don't know, but the quality of voice (audio) is horrible… I could not finish to listen to it, because of hear ache… 🙁

  4. [ERROR] The project (/home/blackspider/Desktop/AI/alexa-avs-sample-app/samples/javaclient/pom.xml) has 1 error
    [ERROR] 'dependencies.dependency.version' for org.mortbay.jetty.alpn:alpn-boot:jar is missing. @ line 59, column 16
    [ERROR] To see the full stack trace of the errors, re-run Maven with the -e switch.

    plzz help

  5. the sound quality of the video is so bad. It is very difficult to identify those technical words for the first time learner.

  6. error in pom.xml…sir could u pls tell me how to solve this error…

  7. thank you very much for this practical and theoretical tutorial, even though I am maven beginner I was able to understand all concepts you share in the video, you have the best maven explanation I have seen.
    thks a lot again, from now I suscribed to see those interesting mateial you share with us.

  8. Excellent!!!!!! now I figure out what is maven and how it works…… I appreciate your big efforts… Thank you so much..
    You are the really smart guy! I wish God bless you!!

  9. That's truly the best and most complete explanation about maven I found, so much that I can happily ignore the broken audio and recording software used.

  10. Excellent instructions! I was having a lot of problems with understanding the various aspects of Maven, until I started going through these detailed explanations and examples. Keep up the great work!!

  11. I've been meaning to get into Maven for a long time (Jar hell otherwise!), I stumbled across this video and I am pleased that I did – it saved me a lot of reading and I've gained a lot of knowledge in a relatively short time. Thank you.

  12. This is brilliant maven video I've ever come across.
    Audio quality is brilliant.
    Excellent knowledge delivery.

    I appreciate your time you have taken to share your knowledge with the people who would like to learn than people who just believe in criticising others.

    Well done and keep up the excellent work, learnt alot

  13. Hello!!! This is awesome tutorial.. Thanks for sharing it. Would like to know if its possible to post some more videos on Devops Tools which would really help the beginners to start with….

  14. Question: What happen if I do not specify dependencyManagement tag in parent POM in multi module maven project. But I specify it in child pom's(services, model, etc.) without version number. Because this way also compilation of maven project is happening.


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