Microsoft Dynamics GP Financial Reporting – FRx Overview For Consultant

Microsoft Dynamics GP ERP is very popular in USA, Canada, South and Central America, Caribbean among midsize businesses in Manufacturing, Services, Distribution, Pharmaceutical, Wholesale and Retail, Healthcare, Placement, Project Organization, Non-profit and other industries. It supports both ERP and MRP functionality, where its production modules suit fits to discrete manufacturing. Light manufacturing could be implemented directly in GP bill of materials module. There are several reporting tools, recommended for Great Plains: Report Writer, SQL Server Reporting Services, Crystal Reports, and of course, if you need powerful link to General Ledger, FRx reports is recommended. In this small publication we would like to give you FRx introduction:

1. Installing FRx. For Great Plains Dynamics GP version 10.0 you will need to install FRx 6.7 with Service Pack 9. Please download Service pack from your Dynamics GP Partner Source for your customers. Please, note – FRx installation media is separate CD and you can not find it on Great Plains CD #1 and 2. FRx requires its own registration keys: Serial Number, Authorization and Registration Number(s). Keys are your organization name and number of users dependent, so please change them according to your purchased license

2. Building the most popular first report. In our opinion, the first report you will be excited to design in Profit and Loss Statement for the current year with monthly summaries, probably compared to the budgets, if you are larger firm. In order to build such a report, please open FRx designer, and create new Row Format. Here click Edit, Add rows from chart of accounts and in the selection window change all your segments to All &&& and in the Account Range Start and Account Range End put your Revenue accounts ranges. This will make the first section – revenue. Repeat the same procedure for Cost of Goods Sold, Expenses, Other Income and Other Expenses. For each section you should also add section description, such as Revenues and summary (TOT), such as Revenues Total. Next step is Column Layout creation. Here you need to add DESC on the column A, then GL, Actual, YTD on the column be and reporting periods one through twelve to represent January through December. Please note that this first report doesn’t deploy companies consolidation, reporting tree (where you could of trace P&L by department, product or sales territory)

3. FRx troubleshooting. One of the most popular errors, you could encounter with is “Invalid path specified for work drive”. This is likely to happen when your install FRX as domain administrator and then you are trying to activate it for restricted security wise users. Please, open FRx, click Admin, processing options and change Optional Work Drive to the folder available to all your domain users. Other files and places to check. If you are moving SysData folder, where all FRx reports specs are located, please be sure to have it available for users to read and write, in some situations

4. FRx support on Customer Source. If you are current with Microsoft Dynamics GP annual maintenance program, then you should be able to open the case on your customer portal with MBS GP support team. If you are not current in annual enhancement program, then still you could appeal to Dynamics GP and FRx technical support, however your case cost charge will be higher

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