Mobile Game Development Service – Build Apps For FREE!

With the new service myself and several others are developing you will be able to develop apps for iOS, Android, Windows

7 Phones, Blackberries, Samsung Galaxy, Xoom… etc… In no time at all, and FOR FREE!!


  • Tutorila

    @nebuchadnezzar54831 – Will do 🙂 I would recommend app game kit by TheGameCreators it provides a great simple service similar to that i plan on offering, however it is not free

  • nebuchadnezzar54831

    @ashh640 Please keep everyone updated. Meanwhile, are there any programs that you recommend? I have recently looked to MoMinis and Game Editor. Game Salad looks great, but I don't have a mac.

  • Tutorila

    @nebuchadnezzar54831 – Well recently i have been working on an ios game engine called mergo which will be out probably within the next month or so. It is the beginning of this mobile service, but i plan to enhance the service to what i proposed in this video through 2012 🙂

  • Tutorila

    @MrPimpinturtle its been put on hold at the minute due to other commitments, however if you are looking for something in the meantime for multiplatform development check out appgamekit by thegamecreators. it is out next month and looks very promising!

  • Marcel Champagne

    Awesome. Also just thought you might want to know that the title should be – Build Apps for FREE. Built is the past tense so that's like saying 20 years ago we built apps for free. Build is present.

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