Modularizing Your App (GDD Europe '17)

Modularizing your app helps you deliver the smallest APK to your users, which is critical for building instant apps and helpful for attacking emerging markets. Hear from Ben Weiss on how best to achieve this.

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5 thoughts on “Modularizing Your App (GDD Europe '17)”

  1. The base module's build.gradle in this presentation is incomplete. It's missing the references to other feature modules and the application module via the 'feature' and 'application' configurations. A nice example that I found was from the Codelab:

  2. We need the refactoring tool for Kotlin sources. The more days pass, the less I have java code in the projects I work on (some are already 100% Kotlin), and the more I see the painful manual refactoring coming up, unless your modularize tool in Android Studio becomes available to Kotlin sources too

  3. This should be titled "Introduction to Instant Apps" and not "Modularizing Your App", since there is almost nothing about modules in this talk. I honestly thought it would be about splitting your codebase into seperate gradle modules, introducing variant dependencies, maybe some performance charts. Since this talk covers entirely different topic, I'm disappointed.


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