Movie Maker Introduction – THE LEGO MOVIE 2 – Movie Maker Master Classes

With THE LEGO MOVIE 2 Movie Maker Master Classes, you’ll be making movie magic in no time! In this introduction video, you’ll see how getting started is easy – all you need is a smartphone with the Movie Maker app installed, and with the guidance of our hosts you’ll soon be creating your own 60-second clips that you can customize with a variety of sound and visual effects. When you are finished, you can download to your smartphone’s camera roll for sharing with friends and parents or you can even share your video in the app where it will be featured in the “Inspiration” section for all to admire.

Be sure to watch our other Movie Maker Master Classes to learn how to create stop motion movies, how to master sound and visual effects, and even discover some amazing tricks to make your masterpiece look like a real Hollywood blockbuster. Now isn’t that AWESOME?

Don’t forget to ask your parents before downloading the app in App Store or Google Play!


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31 thoughts on “Movie Maker Introduction – THE LEGO MOVIE 2 – Movie Maker Master Classes”

  1. MAN… This Movie set SUCKS! Because a couple of months ago I destroyed my other lego sets of Lego movie 2 and then my mother sold that crappy movie set. IS THAT CLEAR?

  2. Quick question about the app….maybe you can help: How can you dowload movies you make to your camera roll? I've shared it to the community, but see no way of downloading. Thanks!


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