Multiple Choice Quiz App with SQLite Integration Part 1 – PREPARING THE LAYOUTS – Android Tutorial

In this video series we are going to build a multiple choice quiz app which stores it’s questions in an SQLite database. We will count points for correct answers, save a highscore and implement a countdown timer for each question. We will also display the wrong and correct answers after the user made it’s choice or the timer ran out.

In part 1 we will prepare the starting screen, the quiz activity and their corresponding layouts. We will also set up the “start quiz” button which then opens our quiz activity via an intent.

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Example code:

Part 1 – Layouts

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21 thoughts on “Multiple Choice Quiz App with SQLite Integration Part 1 – PREPARING THE LAYOUTS – Android Tutorial”

  1. I am having difficulties running my the code. My SQLitedatabse won't let the app run. I can't figure out the actual cause of that error. I need your help to make it run on my system. I'ma beginner.

  2. Hi, can you please make a simple word hunt game using android studio? i want to know the components to use or maybe the logic behind the squared words in android studio. thank you in advanceee! God Bless!

  3. my app is crashing …. even my program is designed as per the videos…
    MyError: – When i select Any topic say Programming and select difficult level as easy and when i press the button "START QUIZ" then the app is getting crashed ….. please i need a solution video on this .
    Sir i would extremely thankful to you if u can solve this problem

  4. It'll give an error in the onCreate function as view cannot be converted to Button.In order to avoid that ,it must be casted to (Button)

  5. Hey man, Im doing quiz game for my school project and done it until part 6 in your tutorial video and when I want to test it out, it gave me errors. I looked it up on youtube and web finding soluitons, tried all and get same errors. Also in programing when I do step by step it showing me :errors, warning and typos. And guidenes for solutions?

    Best regards


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