My First Portfolio Project when Applying for Software Jobs

I often get questions about how I got started in programming and what kind of portfolio projects to include in a resume. Well, let me show you a video I uploaded in 2009 of the first real portfolio project I included in my resume as I started applying for developer positions. Enjoy.

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38 thoughts on “My First Portfolio Project when Applying for Software Jobs”

  1. I didn't think it was all that bad. I think you are worst critic. I found I was more interested in your content and not how polished you were as a presenter.

  2. There’s also a faster way to create a portfolio website for developers:
    It fetches projects from Github, App store and Play store to create a one-page website.

  3. I started programming in C/C++ when I was 13-14 years old. It's been almost 6 years and I still have some of the code in a CodeBlocks project. I commented almost every line of some projects then no commenting at all on others. Lol, just funny to see how inconsistent I used to be.

  4. How would I present my portfolio to a prospective employer? By including a plain text link on my resume to a video or github account? Or do I show up to the interview, pull out the laptop and say, hey check this out. Or wait until after the interview and say, by the way you can see some of my work on github or this youtube link, and write it down on some scratch paper? Print out the code on printer paper and bring it? I've kind of wondered the various ways you would use to direct them to your work.

  5. Hey Brian, I want to get started in mobile development. What are the pros and cons of using javascript to build them rather than java for android or swift/obj c for ios?

  6. Toastmasters is definitely a good aid to help with public speaking. My previous job had a chapter within and I participated in various roles as well as speeches. I can definitely say it would help young Brian with such things. We had an 'um' counter, filler words, or words that get repeated (like 'cool'). I recommend it to anyone who is just beginning to speak publicly.

    In my case it also didn't hurt that I was forced to take public speaking twice since my college units didn't transfer from one college to another between my degrees. I cringe to think of what my recordings will look like to me now lol

  7. Hey Brian! Love your videos & courses!
    I'm building an app right now for a startup and they work with rest api. Would love to see some tutorials for that, how to store session keys, how to make save encrypted request etc. 🙂
    Best regards!

  8. Very cool, WPF uses C#? Never tried it… since you know C# have you ever considered trying out Xamarin? I've been enjoying it, especially xamarin forms.

  9. U are really talented man, keep doing what you do! I actually just got into university and i enjoy watching your videos, it helps me a lot to coordinate myself in programming. Thank you!

  10. I remember when I was 15, I did a same kinda program using BlitzBasic. It didn't have that bottom horizontal scroll bar tho. No doubt, it looks cool.


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