My Top 10 Girlboss Apps To Edit Images, Build Your Brand, Grow Your Following & Stay Productive!!

Hi Everyone! Want to know how to build a brand, get more followers and stay productive? Well! I think this video is right for you!

In this video I will show you my top 10 favourite apps that I use daily which help me to create great content, build my following and stay SANE!! Productivity is a must when you are a girl boss – so thank me later!!
I hope you enjoy it.. Let me know what you think!

App Links:
Facetune –

Bestie –


Canva –

Calm –

Bible app –

Busuu –

Crowdfire –

Concur –

Angus –

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37 thoughts on “My Top 10 Girlboss Apps To Edit Images, Build Your Brand, Grow Your Following & Stay Productive!!”

  1. Hey love i just joining u here. I love the video so far. Im am in process of branding my buisness would love tips advice. Check my Instagram would love view @og_smoovewifey

  2. Thank you. This is a great video and helps so much. I’m trying to build my following now☺️ I have an online boutique with graphic tee shirts and needing the help to get traffic to my website. These are great tips for social media. P.s. you are beautiful

  3. Apps like facetune make me feel like I am a liar, I know that I don't look like a retouched version, why should I post it.. I feel the same If I use a filter.

  4. Hi Erica! Here's another #app you and your viewers might consider! It's called Goodness, and it removes all the negative noise of the internet for a better experience. Think of it is as your own personal filter for the internet. A filter run by humans – not algorithms. Goodness curates the internet (based on principles we developed) for content that's good for you
    . It's currently out on Android now. The IOS version is coming soon!

    Available on Google Play :

    More on Doc & Company, here:

  5. How do you continue to stay motivated? I’m in college and feel so overwhelmed sometimes with studying, interning, etc. I want to invest more into my personal projects like my style blog What motivates you to get out of bed and just do what you need to do? I absolutely LOVE your channel.

  6. Erica, thank you so much for all you do. Your channel has been the most helpful in terms of tips for fashion stylist that I have come across so far. As a new YouTuber and fashion stylist, I am so inspired and look up to girl bosses like you! Keep it up girl!!

  7. OMG THANK YOU! You have summed up everything I needed to hear and know in the last few months! God Send! ? ???xxx

  8. So, I was just here doing my ironing and thought ahhh let me watch that video Erica has been banging on about on insta. And here I am, pleasantly surprised, I really like the intro thing you have here its very profeeeesional! I also use canva but didn't realise they have a mobile app… :S. Well done great video very helpful.

  9. Hii! Quick question. Let's say I live in for example… Spain, and I want to attend London fashion week, will the brands still be open to send me my tickets and invite me?? I really need to know before I begin planning for my next "ticket-hunt" haha

  10. Great Information. I have the Bible app on my phone as well. Thanks for sharing about to download the canva app down on my phone now.

  11. These helped me so much!! Especially Concur… Also… I love that you have the Bible app in there <3 I have no idea what denomination you might be, but there is a podcast I love listening to (as I have to work most Sunday's and can't make church… It is called The Village Church (the name is weird, but he is a great public speaker, and no risk of me falling asleep lol)


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