NativeScript 2.0 Launch Webinar – Use Angular and NativeScript to build native mobile apps

Use Angular and NativeScript® to build native mobile apps. No Web Views.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could build native mobile apps with JavaScript? Or even better, what if you could build them with Angular?

Feel like you’ve heard this before? You haven’t. Not like this. These are pure native mobile applications running full animations at 60 frames per second, and you can build them with JavaScript, TypeScript and Angular.

These apps use native controls and components and allow your application to continue the great user experience your customers demand. Best of all? You can reuse tons of code from npm, Cocoapods, Android Jars, and even your Angular 2 web apps.

So you can build better apps faster and standardize on the Angular framework you know and love. Interested? Join John Papa and Telerik NativeScript experts Burke Holland and TJ VanToll, as they discuss how the newly available techniques in NativeScript 2.0 empower developers and organizations to deliver maximally performant and elegant applications with a minimal amount of effort.

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19 thoughts on “NativeScript 2.0 Launch Webinar – Use Angular and NativeScript to build native mobile apps”

  1. this doesn't really look like using javascript
    its a lot more new syntax witch will require you learn more and spend more time
    wouldn't be better to just create a compiler and let us use web technology and then compile it to native instead of all this confusion .

  2. PLEASE don't force Angular integration in the future. There are a lot of us out here that can't stand angular, but LOVE NativeScript!! Please keep NativeScript pure! Don't fall into the pit that is JS frameworks.

  3. I would like to use CSS3D and transforms in my native app. Is this supported yet with Native Script? If not when do you think this will be supported?

  4. There are those who recieve your talks while having popcorn and there are those who drive NativeScript to the bleeding edge and get injured. The latter will not like you very much guys, the previous ones? will enjoy your talks.

  5. Is TJ, realy short and he is standing, or is he real tall, sitting and looks so much taller than Burk & John or are Burk and John so much shorter than him? 🙂 🙂

    I can't follow the video, because I keep getting distracted… 🙂

  6. FYI This channel is not monitored for support questions. We have a Slack Channel: and we also monitor GitHub and and Stack Overflow:


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