"NativeScript – an open source platform to build Native iOS & Android Apps"–CFMeetup #244

Online ColdFusion Meetup (coldfusionmeetup.com) session for Feb 18, 2016: “NativeScript – an open source platform to build Native iOS & Android Apps”, with Dan WIlson and TJ VanToll

TOPIC DESCRIPTION: (provided by the speakers):

Would you like to use your existing skills to build truly native iOS and Android mobile applications? In this presentation, we’ll look at NativeScript, an open source platform for doing just that. Not only do you get to use the skills you already have, but you can take advantage of millions of lines of code already written for you on NPM. NativeScript is free, open source and approachable for ColdFusion developers.

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2 thoughts on “"NativeScript – an open source platform to build Native iOS & Android Apps"–CFMeetup #244”

  1. Sounds like a very interesting pattern in the angular 2 world and how the newer architecture is completely decoupled from the DOM, which makes sense as the real aim was to target mobile platforms primarily nativescript & ionic. I think ionic would be better for streaming data from a backend i.e a real-time database as the web view gives it an edge in that department but I can use proprietary mobile SDK's with nativescript as I have full native access.


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