Next Generation Code Push and More | App Center for React Native Developers

Ryan J. Salva and Parashuram N show you how App Center combines the power of CodePush with the lifecycle and cloud services you need to ship high quality apps faster.

Whether you’re distributing to your team, sharing with clients, or deploying to public app stores, App Center simplifies continuous integration, testing, and distribution, and allows you to focus on what matters: getting better mobile apps to your users.

During this webinar, you’ll learn how to:
• Connect existing GitHub repos to App Center
• Set up automatic builds with every pull request
• Use Live Update – the next generation of CodePush – to deploy new features and fixes
• Scale on-demand and add offline data sync, user authentication, and other essential cloud services
• Test apps on thousands of real-world devices and 400+ configurations
• Seamlessly distribute passing builds to beta testers
• Monitor production apps for crashes and bugs and collect mobile analytics to understand your users

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  1. Thanks for the video, can you please share the android project repo at github? I need to see the build.gradle settings incase we uploaded the keystore to app center like you did.
    as I have some difficulties here:


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