PowerApps Google Maps API – Build your first App

In this video, you will learn how to integrate PowerApps Google Maps API. You will start with the Location function to get the GPS Location information. Then you will sign up for a Google Maps API account and get your own API Key. With that in hand, you learn to build some apps that let you leverage your new found resources.


Launch(“http://www.google.com/maps/place/” & Location.Latitude & “,” & Location.Longitude)


Substitue(TextInput1.Text, ” “, “+”)

Launch(“http://www.google.com/maps/place/” & Location.Latitude & “,” & Location.Longitude)

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29 thoughts on “PowerApps Google Maps API – Build your first App”

  1. I would really like to get your input to how to create an app that show my customers on the map that are in the visinity of the phones gps location

  2. Good video shane .
    I have question
    i want to ask u is it possible that how we can get the channel/team name using the google map. for example if i open my power app under the "Project Control" channel then i just want to save the some pictures under the project control team .

  3. hi shane,

    how do get it so that AirServer shows an image of an iPhone where you do your mirroring?

  4. Hi Shane! Great videos! Is it possible create an app which is bringing km value between two addresses in the app? Example. I want to know distance between address A -> address B -> App will show distance, just like in google maps but inside the app? Thank you, appreciate your work!

  5. Dear Shaw,

    at the moment my phone jumps on black screen, the GPS data is no longer transmitted. Do you have a solution for that?

  6. this seems like changed. I tried the same URL in my google chrome browser within Power apps and it is showing the error message " This site can't load Google Maps Correctly" Signature error . Do you know why this would be the case.

  7. hi, i dont speak englis very good but i need ask you something, how can i use google maps on my app whitout references? i want that only view names streets whitout places or buildings, thanks, sorry for my english

  8. Thank you so much for the great video!
    It help me so much.
    But I've been wondering, if someone uses FakeGPS when they want to share their location.
    Is there any suggestion so I can anticipate that kind of action?
    Like the script that available in React Native, which is detect(+prevent) someone when they are using one.

  9. Great video. a qustion i have that you may know the answer for is; if its possible to draw on a google map and then collect the peninput on the image in a gallery??? thanks in advance

  10. Great vidéo as usual ! but in powerapps how to collect lattitude and longitude from a adress with google maps api ? thank you in advance

  11. Nice video, how to create the prompt GPS enable in here? Since PowerApp only prompt this at the first time start

  12. Hello, can I embed this latitude and longitude values into Power BI via API? I mean, I want to use API for calculating distances current location between other locations.
    Best regards.

  13. Who else completed Microsoft Business Application course in eDX and ended up here? All your videos are simple, effective and engaging. Thank you Shane!

  14. Shane, thank you for another great video! I watched twice. I have a question. Do you know a way that I can share this location information or the map with other people?

  15. Hi, Shane. Could you also teach hoe to do a Directions API? I have activated in google and I'm trying to use this URL: https://maps.googleapis.com/maps/api/directions/json?origin=Toronto&destination=Montreal&key=MYKEY. It does not work. :/
    Thanks a lot

  16. Shane, mines Location are bringing me the coordinates with ",", the Google Maps are not recognizing it, do you know why?

  17. Indeed a great video Shane..just one question…if I want to develop an aap to order something and at same time I want to track my order live on map..is it possible? Could you please share workaround on same..thanks for your valuable videos..

  18. Thanks so much for a great video – this has had me stuck for a long time and it is spot on, well done and thank you. I have just one question:

    Have you found a way that the map image instead of showing an image from Longitude and Latitude takes the image from a written address within the app, very much like the button that links to the location of the text written in but also shows the thumbnail image of that location on the screen?



  19. Excellent Shane, you are providing everything I need just before my client asks ;). Heads up API keys are visible at 28:41 as you show the documentation page.

  20. As usual really good content. I will check the whole video tomorrow while studying.
    Thank you for your great videos Shane ???

  21. Thanks, Shane. I always learn something from your PA lessons. Love the idea of the SUBSTITUTE function. I hadn’t thought about using it in this case. But now I know! Thank you.


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