Protect All Gear With a Multi-Functional Dry Bag

A resilient dry bag provides a perfect response for those requiring a small to large-sized pouch for safeguarding personal items from spray or rainfall.

Dry bags, with there convenient and strong build; feature a polyurethane outer shell, plus watertight sealed stitches to ensure all equipment is safe – perfect to avoid unexpected falls into in a pond or river.

Popular styles of water resistant bags consist of –

A water-resistant sack or dry bag, ideal for hiking, camping, or water sport pursuits, made with a durable vinyl or plastic-type material serves up a complete shield for storing ID’s, credit cards, money, cell phone and more. And for ease in transporting or attaching, D- rings, a lanyard, or bungee cords often feature.

A bum bag or hard-shell waist pouch in a solid case presents a water resistant closure for holding a series of small items, such as keys, cell phone, money or a passport. A small compact tote of this nature is ideal for numerous outdoor activities, such as paddling, jet skiing, surfing, or fishing.

Locating the ideal dry sack in most cases relates to the open-air pursuit participating in. A compact, water-resistant nylon pouch is great to shield equipment on a day at the beach, visiting a theme or waterpark, or hiking. While a resilient, heavy-duty bag is even more appealing if venturing on a 2 or 3 day paddling adventure, or similar such adventure.

Capacity wise, a pack accepts one to fifty-five liters’ of equipment, and therefore able to fit into the smallest of areas in a kayak or accept a vast array of equipment for those on a fishing expedition.

Where it becomes a necessity to pack a GPS system, fishfinder, VHF radio of similar such high-priced kit it is often recommended to ‘double pack’, i.e. go with two dry pouches, as this makes certain of a heightened level of protection.

All in all, if it’s a long-term getaway on a touring kayak, a trekking expedition or a camp adventure, a waterproof pouch is the ideal protection to shield equipment from wet conditions.

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