PWA (progressive web apps) vs RWD in 2019

What is a progressive web app, and why HTML5 makes the web stack, the most important development stack in the game.

PWA is short for: Progressive Web App. PWA I believe, will be a major contributing factor to the slow demise of the native mobile developer.

RWD is short for: Responsive Web Design.

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33 thoughts on “PWA (progressive web apps) vs RWD in 2019”

  1. Hello Stefan !

    Do you know this site: ?
    Today you can have access to a lot of thing with an PWA 🙂

  2. Camera and microphone should already be supported, please read the doc:

  3. Question…Do I really need to buy a laptop that cost a thousand or more to learn/practice coding or will a 500 dollar laptop work just fine?

  4. i hope google play die soon its a nightmare google and aple putting a lot of bulshit every time we are forced to update our business app, or our app will be removed and boom our business is dead, thats bulshit

  5. 0:00 PWA has nothing to do with css responsiveness… Take a CRUD app for example: without PWA they page would have to load for each action in CRUD. With a PWA the user can load the R in CRUD and then load the other actions without the need to do a page refresh; hence the "progress" in progressive. These comments are a good example of PWA: user loads page, watches video or w/e, and then is capable of submitting a comment (all from a single page load).

    1:45 PWAs do not compete with native code either, because native code can written to be progressive as well. Take your mobile phone for example: wouldn't it be silly if you had to buy or "download" a new phone every time you wanted install a new app?

    Here is another example: wouldn't it be silly if the universe had to go back to the beginning (so it could "refresh" the page) just so you could take a step forward in order to preform U in CRUD?

  6. A PWA is basically just a web-page that uses a 'service worker' to allow the page to be viewed offline on mobiles.
    Too many confusing and misleading definitions out there.

  7. If you use create-react-app it comes with PWA out of the box. Just change one line of code in index.js.
    serviceWorker.unregister() to serviceWorker.register()

  8. Responsive is having display of our site adjustable to size of screen. Tablet v Smartphone v Desktop. Adaptive is having one code base for every targeted screen type i.e. the m. on "". Progressive is responsive plus the use of smartphone features i e. camera, notification. And lastly, nver code them in Ruby (it sucks!).

  9. 4:51 Quora article not yet linked to in the description: "Characteristics of progressive web apps"(?). Candidate: www DOT quora DOT com/What-makes-an-application-a-progressive-web-application

    I couldn't find it. Is that the actual title of that Quora page? An answer to the linked Quora page has "Some characteristics of Progressive Web Apps".

  10. PWA's might replace many apps. The technology is not the issue. The attractiveness of apps is the marketing they get on app stores. But you only have to build PWA's once and they can work across mobile OSes and desktops responsively and seamlessly with no download.

  11. There are add-ons that block Java Script. Because when you surf the web, it's dangerous to have Java Script enabled. So the question is, why even learn Java Script? I don't want to create a site that begs users to trust me. I want to build a site that doesn't ask users to abandon their security concerns.

  12. Limited access to the phones functionality tho ?with No access to contacts / location services / sms-calls / sim access …. what's the use of it?

  13. Also, could you make a video on the difference (s) between using React Native as opposed to Java for Android or Swift for iOS. Thanks!


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