Race Management Software – 6 Ways it Can Help Your Next Race

With the right software in place, your next race will not only be more organized and efficient, you just might experience a significant increase in participation. As a busy race director or endurance event planner, you should have access to powerful tools that help you plan and promote your events, streamline registrations, accept credit card payments, manage volunteers, raise funds for a charity, create a custom website and more, without having to spend time or money on technical experts or additional staff.

When deciding if race management software is the right option for you, keep in mind the following six ways it can benefit your next race:

  1. Online Registration = Convenience. If registration is convenient, more people will be able to sign up to participate, whether from work, home, the library or school. Plus, online registration is fast and secure, meaning your participants’ information won’t be compromised or misplaced in a file. The new registration is immediately updated in your race management software database, providing you with improved oversight on the progress of your event.
  2. Online Credit Card Processing = Easy and Secure. Your participants’ credit card information will be safe and secure through race management software firewalls and security processes that don’t require the information to be manually processed and passed through different hands. Participants can store credit card information online for future sign-ups, making it faster and easier than ever to complete the registration and payment process when signing up for your events.
  3. Customized Race Website = Increased Awareness. With user-friendly content management tools, you’ll be able to build a customized website to promote your race or event. Provide ongoing updates to keep participants and their family and friends coming back to your site for the latest news and race information. Link your race website to other sites for improved SEO and offer participants access to log in and sign up when and where it’s most convenient for them.
  4. Donations & Fundraising = More Money for a Good Cause. Develop, manage and promote online donations and fundraising for your next race. With a donations and fundraising tool, you’ll be able to drive donations by making the option easier and more accessible than ever before. Add a donations button or link to your homepage to alert every visitor that clicks on your site about your cause. Tip: offer a donation option in your Shopping Cart online so participants can make a donation using a credit card at the same time they register and pay for the race.
  5. Volunteer Management = Improved Efficiencies. Effectively recruit and mobilize volunteers in a central location with your race management software. From online registration and signed liability waivers to job assignment and reporting, streamline and simplify the volunteer management process for your event’s success.
  6. Training Plans = Prepared Participants. Enhance the race day experience for your participants while building your event brand and increasing your revenue. With customized training plans made available through your race management software, you can offer participants the tools they need to perform their best, while creating a new source of revenue for your race.

With a comprehensive, robust race management software solution, you will enable participants and members to securely register and pay online, make donations and reach out to family and friends for fundraising, all while more effectively managing administration and member data. Ultimately, your goal in selecting race management software should be to alleviate manual, inefficient, paper-based processes and make it more convenient for participants and volunteers to get involved. The right software solution will enable you to focus more on your fundraiser and your people and less on administration.

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