Run Xcode on Windows 10

I am prasad Bhave and in this video, I will show you how to run Xcode on windows 10

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Xcode – Xcode is application used in MAC os which is used to develop IOS application
till now Xcode only runs on MAC os, so to run Xcode we need to purchase MAC book which cost around 60k -70 k

Another way is running MAC OS in VMWare !!!!

Here we go

Step 1) download VMware workstation/ Virtualbox Trail ( free for 30 days)

Step 2) Download MacOS virtual disk file

Step 3) Create new Virtual Machine and attached OS X image

Step 4) run path for Vmware

Step 5) Finetune Guest OS – Install Vmware tools

Step 6) Run Guest OS OSX 10.10.5

Step 7) Download Xcode offline from

Step 8) Install Xcode

Step 9) start with first Xcode application 🙂

24 thoughts on “Run Xcode on Windows 10”

  1. i try to install system with mac on win 10 but look at this is what show proplem in picture i hope someone help me

  2. I installed Xcode 10.1 not working, I need Xcode and simulator. I have 16 GB Ram, 256 SSD and 2 TB HDD Win10,6GB 1060GTX.

    I assigned 8 GB ram to VM

  3. Hi, Thanks for your video. Now I want to install mac os on the VirtualBox for starting ios programming. what version MacOS do you suggest for doing that? It seems that some kind of ios versions are not compatible for installing on virtualBox or installing xcode.

  4. can you make a video of actually using xcode to demonstrate the speed? also what is the specification of your machine.

  5. hi Prasad jee in my laptop have AMD6 processor i am trying to install mac os but when i run vmware unlock tools it will not run properly how to remove my pc problem

  6. Just a little heads up for those of you who want to upload it to the App Store and aren't a big company…
    Apple is more likely to allow apps made by big companies (Disney, Google, Sega, etc) than they are with small companies. Still, don't give up trying…

  7. Hi good video!

    I'm having some problems. First of all i do the steps a lot of times, buy always when y run the virtual machine a message appeares "Operating system not found" so it stack there. What im doing wrong?



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