Ryan Deiss and Wholesale Traffic System, After the Launch

Ryan Deiss’ Wholesale Traffic System initially offered tons of useful content while building up momentum throughout the preview. Ryan orchestrated the campaign with style similar to other successful launches such as Product Launch Formula 2 by Jeff Walker and Mass Control by Frank Kern.

First there was an informative video, followed by an opt-in form. Second, the opt-in form took subscribers immediately to a blog post where they downloaded the first PDF report, which contained more valuable information.

Later that evening, many subscribers left comments to the blog post where the PDF was found, stating that the information contained in that free report was very useful. At this time, people had no idea what was to come. This “dialog” between the subscribers and Ryan gradually built momentum for the subsequent series of emails.

After the first PDF report, the subscribers couldn’t wait for more information from Ryan. Ryan then “hit” the subscribers with another PDF report, which contained information just as good, if not better than the first report. A few days later, there was the third one.

Instead of sending one report and end the campaign, Ryan intelligently continued to facilitate the use of multiple dynamics to build greater momentum.

Prior to the launch, there were… Video (viral)

Email campaign (long term effect)

Blog (on-going dialog)

PDF (longer shelf life in hard drive)

After his subscribers were “hit” again with this much of free and useful content, they began to think “If his ‘free stuff’ is this good, how much better can a ‘paid product’ get”?

By this time, Ryan was ready to roll out Wholesale Traffic System, and yes he did with big success. “$2000 a pop” home study course, but still sold like the toilet papers during 1973 Oil Crisis.

Prior to the launch, it was announced that the product would be only offered to so many people and there would be “fast mover bonuses”. These tactics also added the scarcity to build greater momentum once the event took place.

The product launch such as the case with Ryan Deiss’ Wholesale Traffic System generated thousands of dollars in sales, but keep in mind that the profit must be split among the joint venture partners who promoted to their lists on Ryan’s behalf.

The real benefit Ryan gains through this type of launch is the added number of subscribers and purchasers. From these new subscribers, he’ll continue to benefit from backend residual income.

Furthermore, if Ryan continues to add value by educating subscribers on the benefits that he brings in the marketplace, they’ll come to understand what Ryan Deiss does as a successful Internet Marketer, giving the reason to differentiate his identity from all others who promote products similar to Wholesale Traffic System.

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