School Uniforms and Public School Discipline

We have a terrible situation in our public school system with discipline and many parents deny that Little Johnny would ever misbehave in class. Teacher after teacher tells me in coffee shops across America of this scenario they go through time and time again with parents in Parent Teacher Conferences to go over their child and their progress in school.

In fact in many school districts across the United States we find that new teachers who go to work will be there less than five years and quit. The attrition rate is 50% of new teachers quit in the first five years. The rest stay and the old ones have more longevity, but they are also quitting and retiring and in places of rapid expansion we see issues of not enough teachers substitutes and they cannot even build the schools fast enough. So what is happening?

Classrooms are obviously getting bigger to take up the slack, yet at some point kids who are unruly prevent teaching from happening and then it is a matter of baby sitting rather than teaching. Discipline is not allowed otherwise the teacher could get sued. What is the answer? Some psychology experts are recommending School Uniforms to help the behavior of the kids, but admit that such a tact will help, but it is not the only answer. Consider all this in 2006.

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